Five Reasons Why Women Should Go On A Solo Trip

Shivya Nath
Everyone needs a break from reality, and that’s why we go on vacations. Women especially deserve breaks because of the extreme pressure that we live under in a patriarchal society. So, we definitely need a little more than regular vacations. We need to travel solo! Given the concern about women’s safety, one might wonder why women should go on a solo trip. Given the rising number of crimes against women, yes, we do need to be cautious. But how long are we going to let that restrict us from pushing the boundaries and exploring the world?
The holiday season is here, so it’s time for gifts. So, dear women, let’s gift ourselves a solo trip, and this is the best time of the year. Let’s go pack that backpack and go on that long-overdue solo trip. And here are five reasons to persuade you!

Opportunity to learn and evolve

When women travel with family or friends, the men usually take care of preparing the itinerary, making impromptu plans, and taking care of the finances. We just tag along and stay within our comfort zones, which doesn’t give us an opportunity to grow. However, when we travel alone, we are in charge of planning, accounting, and our safety. We will have to talk to complete strangers to ask for directions, recommendations, or maybe a random chat. And it’s okay to make mistakes. After all, that’s how we learn.

A journey of self-discovery

We women tend to think about others a lot more than we think about ourselves. Being all alone by ourselves gives us plenty of time to analyse ourselves, discover our strengths and weaknesses, think about life decisions, get over a downfall in life, sort out the chaos in our minds, or just recharge ourselves. By the time we return, we will feel refreshed, energetic, and positive. Every woman needs to go on a journey of self-discovery to completely understand herself.

 Gain better decision-making skills

Usually, when we are out with family, the men of the house tend to care for our safety and handle the finances. When we travel with friends, we look out for each other, and managing finances becomes group work. In both cases, we have someone to rely on. But when we are out there on our own, we will naturally become better at assessing people, situations, and places as it pertains to our safety. Being away from home in a strange place will teach us to use our finances wisely, just to be on the safe side. One solo trip can help us transform into a whole new kind of responsible, mature woman.

 True Independence

It can be a liberating experience to be our own boss. While travelling with family or friends, there will be contradictory opinions and choices. And it’s definitely not an understatement that our male family members and friends restrict our freedom in the name of concern. However, when travelling solo, it is just us. We make the rules, break the rules, wear what we want, and do what we like, without having to be concerned about others. Being around complete strangers and having no one to judge us will help us come out of our shell. Being completely on our own will allow us to experience true freedom.

 Confidence Booster

Being all by ourselves, making decisions on our own, and being in charge of our wellbeing in new places without anyone to guide us will make us feel empowered on a whole new level. It’ll help us develop sharp instincts and realise our true potential. We might have been shy or restricted from doing certain things when surrounded by family and friends. But being on our own in a place where no one knows us will motivate us to try out adventure sports like trekking, camping at night, skydiving, exploring caves and mountains, etc. This is a win-win situation, as it will help us overcome our fears and anxiety and discover our adventurous side.

The first few hours or days may be frightening, but once we’re out there on our own, it’s going to be a worthy adventure. It’s all about the journey, not the distance or destination. Even if it’s just a one-day trip, every woman should travel solo at least once in her lifetime. Trust me, it can be a life-changing experience. Happy travelling!