"Your Girlfriend...", Young Boys' Viral Squabble During Online Class Needs Attention

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Viral Online Class Recording: Callousness, blind privilege and sexism, a recent clip going viral on social media shed light on the various problematic traits normalised among school kids.

Almost two minutes long

Kids these days are the same as their parents

— Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) October 23, 2021 of an online class posted a Twitter user named Gabbar Singh started with the teacher trying to mitigate an issue with some group project. The teacher asked some girls to add a male student named Siddharth into certain groups and asked the student to cooperate. The boy was heard expressing his grievances with his peers in no time he starts degrading his classmates for ganging up against him.

He names another guy and says, 'Probably my servant earns more than Binayak's dad." The teacher is speechless for a moment when other students start hitting out at Siddharth for making an objectionable comment and while one guy is heard asking Siddharth to not cross the line, another says, " There is a reason why your girlfriend likes associating with everybody other than you." The back and forth involves profanity while the teacher tried to calm everyone down over a choppy video conference call. Even after the teacher asks Siddharth to speak to her after the meeting, he again makes the remark against his classmate's father's salary.

The comments under the viral video had many adults expressing shock over the bizarre fight between school kids which heavily depended on the salary of one's father. While some showed curiosity over Siddharth's servant's salary. The level of insults makes one question, is that what kids these are fighting over? A young boy is brazenly shaming the other for coming from a less financially well-off home in front of his teacher. The ones who called him out for his derogatory remark come at him by bringing up his girlfriend?

What happened to Gen-Z breaking problematic patterns set by the earlier generations? Another disturbing aspect of the class recording is how the teacher lets the students about degrading each other without calling out any of them for making such comments. What have we achieved with education if children are fixated on being superior with respect to their father's income? If the dialogue on privilege and its impact on society is still not reaching young individuals then can we even hope for an equal society?

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