These Bizarre Viral Videos From Indian Television Dramas Had Us Scratching Our Heads

Viral Indian TV Serial Videos, swarna ghar viral video
Bizarre scenes are nothing new to Desi Indian television viewers. From “ek chutki sindoor ki kimaat,” to “rasode mein kaun tha,” we definitely have seen it all. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all the content put out by Indian creators for TV is bad.

Sometimes, Indian television soaps have a reputation for exaggerating things beyond normal and the filmmakers and writers try too hard or just don’t care what the viewers would think. After all, Indian soap writers think way ahead of Christopher Nolan. The only difference is that they confuse time and space with groundlessness. Here’s what cringe looks like.

Viral Indian TV Serial Videos

Sindoor Scene From Thapki Pyar Ki

In this scene, a woman named Thapki, is going to apply vermillion (sindoor) after shower. As she stands in front of the mirror, her husband, Purab slips on only a few drops of water on the floor. Social media could not stop trolling the scene and rightly so: In utter nonsense, Thapki’s husband flung towards her as he slipped, moving as quickly as a cat and smearing the vermillion on her forehead. If Newton had been called from his grave to teach the director some basic physics, he would have definitely thought that rules of science do not apply in Indian television shows. See video here.

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Swaran Ghar Dupatta Scene

The video features the lead characters of the show Swaran and Ajit Lamba. Swaran threw her dupatta across her shoulders but it accidentally got stuck in between the pedestal fan in motion. The dupatta began to choke her as the noose tightened and her life was at stake. Everyone tried hard to help her by staring and giving unsolicited advice like our relatives for this “realistic” problem.

As she continues struggling though, the hero of the moment, Ajit bites off the dupatta to help Swaran escape. Do we need to pay the director for not embarrassing us enough? While intellectuals point out that this scene is exactly why content in TV is hated, we cannot help but laugh at this newfound creative license which is even deadlier than Sasural Simar Ka.

Chand Ka Tukda Car Scene

Not only does the lead actor use a wand and a spell to cast magic on the moon to break a piece out of it as per the request of his lover, but this scene definitely beats the ones mentioned earlier. Apparently, the “bride” will marry whoever gets her a piece of the moon! And in case you are wondering, Neil Armstrong is out of consideration. 

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Face Mask Scene

Wondering what are true relationship goals? Here’s what you need to do: Become an ardent believer of love in the time of corona! Since we were in the pandemic, our actors are taking all sorts of precautions to stay safe. Star Plus’s hit television drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai returned in July with its first-ever episode post lockdown. Karthik is spraying sanitiser on Naira’s hands, puts on gloves on her hands, before putting on her face a shield. Then the two love-birds go on their date. 

Another Advanced Sindoor Applying In Thapki Pyar Ki

So, this is how it goes. A woman carrying a pooja ki thali accidentally flings it high up in the air and another girl just pushes her out of her way to get the ‘sindoor varsha.’ Again, science dies in the corner. Well, it doesn’t end there. The two women push each other in order to be the one to get the ‘sindoor varsha.’ Well, in the end, the protagonist wins and sexism gets 10 points!

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