This Viral Video Of Student Giving Massage To Teacher Shows Where We Are Headed

The current state of affairs in India's rural areas is undoubtedly horrific, and the notion of universal education remains a faraway dream.

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UP Primary School Teacher Suspended
The public perception of government school teachers has been a significant source of worry for a number of decades. Teachers are to blame for the "learning crisis" that has attracted so much attention from the public due to their classroom methods, absenteeism, work shirking, and involvement in both local and national politics. Government school teachers are also held responsible for the rise in private school enrollment.

The state has traditionally provided funding for educational investments. Private funding of education has been steadily increasing in importance around the world, including in many emerging economies, in an era of stagnant governmental budgets for education (as well as other accounts). 

UP primary school teacher suspended

All of the Indian states, with the exception of two or three, have subpar educational statistics. Indian children are attending school at higher rates than ever before, yet the standard of government institutions has fallen to an astoundingly low level. The poorest households, those who cannot afford to send their children away to private schools abroad as can the majority of Indian families who have the resources, are the families whose children attend these institutions. 

It is concerning and here’s why: A government school teacher in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, was abruptly fired after a four-day-old video became popular on social media. In the footage, one of the teacher's students can be seen giving her a massage. The tragedy happened at the Pokhari Primary School in Hardoi. The woman, who served as an assistant teacher at the school, was identified as Urmila Singh. She can be seen seated on a chair in the popular video while the student massages her in the lecture hall. Other students were present in the classroom when this occurred. Basic Shiksha Adhikari issued the suspension orders (BSA). 

One can see the stark contrast between the levels of excitement displayed by teachers in public and private institutions. Private school teachers go above and above to keep their kids informed. On the other hand, government school teachers don't appear to care whether their children are still behind the times and don't try to implement corrective measures.

The worry does not stop here. A school teacher in Uttar Pradesh was suspended in a separate incident today after a video of her entering a flooded school by climbing over plastic chairs set up by kids went viral. In the footage, kids are seen wading through water to line up plastic chairs, and a woman is shown climbing over them to get to a dry area where she dismounts.


Every year, both the number of private schools and the enrollment of pupils rise. The number of children attending government schools is, however, declining. Sadly though, the community as a whole is tarnished by the ineffective government teachers. 

When the District Magistrate, Devendra Kumar Pandey, ordered an English teacher to read a few words from a book during an inspection of a government school in Sikandarpur Sarausi, the teacher failed to do so. In government schools, the situation is getting worse. 

The kids are deemed ineligible to enrol in institutes of higher learning since they did not receive a solid foundation in their basic and secondary education. Because the teachers never take their jobs seriously, the students in the age range of 6 to 14 do not learn anything, including language competency or communication skills. Consider pupils in vernacular-medium schools; they have virtually no chance of communicating in English because English language instructors don't make any effort to teach them speaking, reading, listening, or reasoning skills.

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Most teachers are not knowledgeable about the subjects they are teaching. It is undoubtedly a problem for the country given the growing number of young people if they do not contribute to the economy. The current state of affairs in India's rural areas is undoubtedly horrific, and the notion of universal education remains a faraway dream. If proper care is not taken, disaster is almost certain to occur.

The views expressed are the author's own. 

UP Primary School Teacher Suspended