Society’s Menu For Being A Bad Girl : A Tested And Verified Guide

traits of a bad girl
Do you want to be the centre of attraction at every family event you attend? Do you want people to talk about you ? Do you want you parents to be the talk of the town? All you need to do is become a so-called bad girl. Not  much of efforts are required. Only follow the guide given by society, and you are good go.

Dynamics of society are designed in such a way to become bad girl one need to only live her life. You will automatically stand out breaking rules, going full badass, because good girls usually go unnoticed. The society can’t stop bi**hing about what you wear, eat, and do. From unsolicited advice to behind-the-back gossips, bad girls are on the list always. Society follows so-called bad girls like paparazzi and keeps track of them. Never fails to give the feeling of a celebrity. If you want to become the celebrity of your town as well. Just follow this recipe of society. In a Reddit thread a poster gives you the tested criteria of bad girl.

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A Guide To Be The Baddie Of The Society, traits of a bad girl


It might allegedly be one of the many ways of seduction according to ancient texts of some country in a parallel universe. Pouting provides quick results as you will see people commenting on your ‘tedha medha muh‘ and giving you posing advice almost instantly. The first on the menu is pout, just do it and you see eyes rolling on you.

Smoking, Drinking & Partying

Smoking and drinking are a must-have traits for every bad girl. Standing at the corner of the street puffing cigarettes, making smoke rings, clubbing and partying with guys late till night and drinking out with friends cannot go unnoticed by society. Short skirts and a guy dropping you home after a late night party can enhance the gossips about you. There might even be chances that you might get clicked getting drunk on top of a table at a club by one of your neighbour’s son who visited the club for sexually harassing drunk girls.

Eating Too Much

Eating too much is a good way to grab the attention of people around you. People often tend to peek at other people’s plates rather than their own and notice how many rounds they took to the buffet at an event. If you are fat, you will get more attention along with fat-shaming, absolute celebrity treatment.

Eating Too Less

A balanced diet is not an option for a bad girl. If you have a problem with eating too much, you can always try this alternate way of eating too less. This might be an advantage for girls with less appetite as they don’t have to do much. If you eat less, people will instantly assume you are dieting or you are doing so to attract the males of the society. You look high maintenance if you eat less and will often receive eye-opening advice from people around you. Like they say, malnutrition is the new sexy and sexy is bad.

Watching Porn & Talking Sex

This one can make you extremely famous and you might even get hit by creepy guys and old horny uncles in the society. Always remember, harassment and invasion of privacy is the top level of celebrity treatment. Everyone in the society will know you as the un-sanskari girl of the locality and the one who will never get married. They know you ain’t doing it for pleasure or out of your right to choose, you are doing it because you are asking for it.

Don’t Know How To Make Round Rotis

Roti is not only an essential part of Indian diet, it is also a criteria to judge a girl’s character, abilities and future. To be a bad girl, you should not know how to make round rotis. Make sure the shape of your roti is a random polygon with abstract edges. Burn them while you cook them on the tawa for better results. The same can be applied to puris and parathas. It would be advantageous to not know cooking at all so that you become a gossip in group of aunties.

Having Big Boobs & wearing clothes you like

Bigger the size, the badder you are. Never wear baggy clothes to cover you body parts, body hugging clothes will give you more gossips. Occasionally ditch the bra, not because you feel stuffy or due to medical issues, you have to do it to flaunt your breast. The girls with flat chest are good girls, atleast assumed so. If breast starts growing, the attitude will be like- someone might be working on them. Big boobs make you bad girl just for having them. Short or long, no matter society is still going to objectify you.

Walking On The Streets With Open Hair

Open hair are too considered a tool of seduction by the society.  Society feels bad girls keep their hair open to lure in guys, do the casual hairflips and behind-the-ear tuck. They have no hints, girls can like to keep open hair. Nevermind, society has perfect criteria of being bad girl. Open hair are often associated with witchcraft also.

Checking Out Boys

If you come across a good looking guy in a public place, make sure you stare at him and giggle or approach and flirt with him. This way, you can not only shoot your shot, you can also grab the attention of the people around you. The judgement you will receive can surely make you a gossip favourite. At parties and events, don’t talk to girls, spend more time talking to boys. A bad girl will never lose the opportunity to lust after a guy they like. While guys ogling at girls is considered admiring beauty and absolutely common, girls flirting with guys fuels the gossip-gram.

Riding A Motorcycle

Ditch the back seat and learn how to ride a motorcycle if you want to impress the gossipers. For grabbing more attention, wear body-hugging outfits. However, a saree would be a great outfit as well.

Dating A Guy You Like

If Aunties and uncles know you have a boyfriend, half work is done. It will give people a better access to your love scandal. You are breaking rules of having a partner before marriage. It totally gives you the well earned tag of bad girl by society.

Travelling To alone with friends

Girls if travel solo, society hound with all nonsense questions. People will be like akeli ladki kaise ghumegi, kuch ho gaya toh. What you mean by kuch. Girls make sure you post pictures from your vacation on social media with your guy friends. Once the pictures are up, you don’t need to do much because everyone will naturally assume you are hooking up with strangers.

If you have done any of all, you have successfully qualified the eligibility for being a so called bad girl