30 Red Flags That Are Your Signals To Exit The Relationship NOW

These relationship red flags are glaring stop signs for you to pack your things up and leave. Because you are better off without this toxicity.

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Relationship red flags are nothing to ignore, if the wisdom of people who left toxic partnerships for good is anything to go by. Without equality, without mutual respect, without effort, relationships are devoid of meaning. Of course, that relationships aren't meant to be easy forms part of what makes them so rewarding, if successful.

But how far are you - or your partner - ready to go with healthy compromises that will sustain your relationship?

In a bid to accommodate our partners and the load of quirks they carry, women end up stretching their tolerance to an extent that it impinges directly on their very identity. And that is thoroughly toxic. A relationship is meant to build you up, not break you down under the weight of another.

Pack up your stuff and make a grand exit from the relationship if ever you spot these red flags - your sounding alarms for when your partner stops being a partner and becomes a hurdle you're better off leaping over.

These Relationship Red Flags Are Glaring Stop Signs For You. Say 'Bye' To Him If He:

1. Blocks your path to personal or professional growth

2. Feels you need to ask his "permission" before all you do


3. Insists on making your life's decisions for you

4. Denies giving you any personal space

5. &t=12s">Forces you for sex with him even after you show disinterest or say a clear 'no'

6. Dismisses you or your emotions as "touchy"

7. Is not interested in open, clear communication

8. Never apologises (especially if he has faulted)


9. ">Gaslights you when you call him out for something

10. Ever shows an inclination towards physical/verbal violence

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11. Forbids you from talking to other boys or meeting friends he doesn't like

12. Shuts down conversations about where your relationship is headed

13. Compels you to over-share but keeps his own life hidden


14. Keeps tabs on you when you are not with him

15. Feels his hyper-possessiveness is a positive attribute

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16. Ridicules you - either in private or in front of an audience

17. Plays into standards of toxic masculinity without ever wanting to change

18. Expects you to be his unpaid, forever available therapist

19. Keeps his own career above yours

20. Picks fights over non-issues instead of talking it out

21. Thinks it is okay to crack sexist jokes against you or other women

22. Expects you to cater to his whims round-the-clock

23. Condescends you

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24. Doesn't "let you" wear clothes of your choice

25. Guilt trips you for prioritising other things over him

26. Believes it is always you who has to compromise in the relationship

27. Has the makings of 'Peter Pan Syndrome' and refuses to mature

28. Compares you constantly with his ex-partner

29. Puts you or himself on a pedestal to create a power imbalance

30. Manipulates you or is calculative even in the most mundane situations


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