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Five Signs You’re Friends With A Toxic Person And Need To Cut Them Off ASAP

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Do you have a friend who is always doing or saying things that irritate you? Maybe it’s a childhood friend or a co-worker with whom you’ve formed a close relationship. Unlike other people in your life, this friend frequently causes disagreement among your friends, but it’s tough to tell whether this person simply needs everyone to be a bit more forgiving or whether they’re toxic.

If you see any of the five warning signs listed below in someone you know, it may be time to reevaluate your friendship.  These signs might suggest that you are getting into toxic friendship.

1. They have no regard for you or your boundaries.

Mutual respect should be the basis of every relationship. Maybe your friend forces you to go out while you’re trying to rest and unwind, or they steal your clothes and jewellery without your consent. It may look that being close enough to access your time and assets is a badge of honour, but you feel humiliated, misunderstood, and unaccounted for at the end of the day.  Keep an eye out for similar behaviour among your friends. Although such a buddy’s irresponsible behaviour may not be purposeful, it cannot be disregarded.

2. They’re attempting to alter your personality.

Friendships are formed when two people can express and embrace their differences. If you’re in a toxic friendship or relationship, your friend may urge you to be someone you’re not. They may pick up on things you don’t like and put you in embarrassing situations, or they may pressure you to modify the way you speak, dress, or act. While it’s important for friends to gently criticise and urge one another to stop engaging in potentially hazardous behaviour, it’s risky when they pressurise you to compromise your integrity.

3. They never inquire about your well-being.

If you have a friend who is always talking about herself, you could think that someone who never asks about you is selfish. They may, however, be embellishing their own occurrences to garner your attention and admiration. In any scenario, it’s exhausting for you, and it indicates that something in your relationship is out of whack.

4. Instead of energising you, they exhaust you.

Spending time with a real friend should re-energise, inspire, and revitalise you. On the other side, a toxic companion may deplete you emotionally and physically. We react to a depleting companion in the same way we do to a stressful event. It keeps us alert for danger and self-defence, and it usually asks much more than we can provide. Your relationship is probably in peril if talking to them makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, fatigued, or even sad.

5. They Almost Never Apologise

We all make mistakes, but recognising them, apologising, and pledging to change our ways is an important part of expressing respect for our friends. When faced with their behaviour, toxic friends are more likely to avoid apologising or offer a flippant “sorry.”

Instead of taking the time to consider your point of view, they’ll respond with “I’m sorry you feel that way,” or a defensive “but.” This lack of apologies suggests that your friend is careless about the repercussions of their actions.


A few of your friends are likely to have one or two of these tendencies. It’s critical to remember grace and humility while evaluating which of your friends could be harmful. Everyone has weaknesses and is prone to make blunders every now and then. While these five observations are focused on your friend, it’s equally important to reflect on yourself to make sure you’re not the one who’s ruining your relationship. Take your time.

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