Summer Binge-Watching: Top Five Movies And Shows To Watch This Weekend

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An intriguing thriller emphasising a father-son relationship as family dynamics unravel balances work-life while bittersweet heartbreaks mingle with hope as the audience never knows how difficulties and happiness await them at the curve. From Megastar Mammootty’s first-ever release to falling in love with India’s NYC, Mumbai – we recommend watching these. Here are the top five movies and shows you can watch this weekend. 


Puzhu is a psychological thriller with a lead performance from Megastar Mammootty playing the role of a retired police officer. He also suffers from compulsive behavioural problems and is susceptible to rage and emotional outbursts. His unhappy and turbulent past keeps plaguing him. As a result, he takes out his frustrations on his son. While unresolved differences and familial feuds disturb their relationship, predominantly working in the Malayalam industry, Ratheena’s directorial debut showcases an engaging movie with real and disturbing family dynamics throughout. The movie streams on SonyLIV. 

Twenty-Five Twenty-One 

Jung Ji-hyun’s Twenty-Five Twenty-One is not only a commercial hit but it is also one of the highest rated Korean dramas, available on Netflix. Depicting the lives of five characters, from 1998 to 2021 for 16 episodes, the show is one of ambition, hard-work of a teenage fencer who wishes to rebuild his life. The show also captures the IMF crisis which was a period of financial crisis beginning in July 1997 and gripping most of East Asia and Southeast Asia. The message of this show is that the people we meet are not meant to stay in our lives forever, yet we can be thankful that they made us the persons we ended up being.

Modern Love Mumbai

Modern Love Mumbai is a web series streaming on Amazon Prime Video India. It portrays 6 unique stories of human connection in an Indian spin-off of the rom-com anthology, Modern Love. More than the storyline it is the characters and the actors’ performances, the diction, the facial expressions and dialogues which come together so perfectly that it is hard not to fall for them and Mumbai. In addition, some might find it more difficult to take their eyes off Chitrangada Singh and her role in the series. 

Oh My Dog 

Sarov Shanmugam’s Tamil-language drama film produced by Surya and Jyothika is a breathtaking story and a great impetus to be kinder human beings and better citizens. At the end of the day, everyone will remember the bond between Simba, the blind Siberian Husky puppy and Arjun who rescued it. Unlike the regular hero-based commercial movie, this film features how children can do deeds of selflessness and sacrifice their dearest things for a greater cause. It streams on Prime Video. 

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Guilty Minds 

Guilty Minds is an Indian legal drama series streaming on Amazon Prime. Directed by Indian actor and producer, Shriya Pilgaonkar, revolves around law school friends put opposite to each other in the court of law. Dwelling on cases of rape, gaming addiction, water shortage and other socio-political crises in each episode, this show depicts Indian courtrooms as they function and how they are. One can easily understand courtroom drama after watching this well-scripted series. From unlawful terminations and victimisation to natural courtroom arguments, this show describes judgement in several ways. 

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