Do They Love Me? Am I Enough? Thoughts Couples Have After A Fight

Do they love me like I love them? Shall I be sorry for what I said? Here are some common thoughts people have after a fight with their partners.

Bhavya Saini
Feb 03, 2022 15:00 IST
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Thoughts couples have after a fight: Don’t you just hate it when you fight with your partner? Sometimes it might feel like the world is ending when get upset over something you might have done. Other times they might test your patience by doing something that might put you off. In any case, couples fight and it’s a part of a relationship you have to deal with the understanding between you two.

It can be hard to fight with your significant other. Who wants to sleep upset about something that could be resolved by simple communication and understanding? Yet, at times it can be hard to understand where your partner is coming from and this might lead to conflict.

Shall I resolve the fight? Or say sorry? Here are some common thoughts couples have after a fight:

  1. Was it my fault?


While thinking about the fight, one might reflect on what they might have done to upset their significant other. "Was I rude?" "Was I right in doing that thing?" "Maybe it was my fault that they feel this way." Taking responsibility of your actions and being accountable is a sign of a mature relationship.

  1. It wasn’t my fault

As much as you would want to be the right one, it takes two to clap. You might be wondering that they are the one who are at complete fault because they hurt you but there might be something that you could have also done to put them off, hence the fight. Sit down and communicate, it never hurts one to make a ">conversation.

  1. Shall I say sorry first?

It never hurts one to take a stand and apologise if they are at fault. If you feel that you might have hurt them as well, don’t hold yourself back and apologise for the mistakes you made. It’s better than losing someone you love over your ego.

  1. Why do I have to say sorry every time?


If you feel that you’re always the one apologising and trying to solve conflicts, chances might be they don’t care enough to make an effort to save the relationship. Relationship is a team work, it might fall apart if you’re the only one balancing it and giving in all the efforts. However, it’s also not wrong to say sorry if you’re the one at fault. Keep that ego aside.

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  1. What if they don’t love me anymore?

Being insecure after a fight is common. You might get afraid at the thought of losing them but remember that they love you and just because things aren’t working now doesn’t mean they love you any less. If they truly are ‘the one’, they’ll stay no matter how hard things might get. People who love each other don’t just give up, they try and make things work.

  1. Am I enough for them?

You will always be enough for someone who loves you for who you are. There’s no doubt about that. No matter how bad you mess things up or how upset they might be, they will always consider you the best because when you love someone, “you don’t allow yourself to find perfection in someone else.” *Chris Evans patting my back*

Even if you messed up, or they put you off by saying something they didn’t really mean, they key is to communicate and understand to reach a common ground. When you truly love someone, giving up is not an option. Nonetheless, a little healthy conflict only makes a relationship stronger as you get to know more about your partner as a person.

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