Student Confronts Teacher For Degrading Her After Scoring Good In Boards

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A WhatsApp chat screenshot of a student confronting her teacher after her board results came out has gone viral over the internet. The student called out the teacher, who told her that she would not make it in lower classes. The student ended the message by asking the teacher to be kinder towards the children who sought help from her. Why do educators in India think it is okay to berate students and damage their confidence?

The ever-increasing competition among the children to score good marks, crack one or the other entrance exam, get into an established institution and become accomplished, takes a huge toll on their emotional and mental well-being. Students today do not study to learn but pass examinations and score well. Such idea of education has also transformed the way teachers perceive learning. They urge students to score better marks, tying success to percentage and grades.

How many generations of students must hate schooling and our rote learning system, and hold grudges against their teachers for our society to realise that we have got it all wrong? When will Indian teachers learn that shaming is not an incentive, as it demoralises a student instead and leaves them feeling inadequate or even worthless?

Student Confronts Teacher For Degrading Her Years Before

Twitter user @hasmathaysha3 called out her ex-teacher after her board results came out for degrading her in one of her previous standards. The student captioned the post, “Two years ago, me and my friend decided to text our teacher the day our results come out,” which consisted of a WhatsApp screenshot of her chat with her previous teacher. The girl mentioned that she was a student of the 2019-20 batch under the teacher, during her 10th standard.

The message read, “Sending this message because you told me that I wouldn’t make it, you told me that I wouldn’t pass school and do what I wanted. You degraded me in every level possible.” She further informed the teacher that she had passed her 12th standard with flying colours and also entered the university that she wanted. “This is not a thank you message but to show you that I have made it,” she further wrote. She also advised the teacher to be kinder towards her pupil in order to help them flourish rather than depreciating their abilities.

There are thousands of students who might nurse the desire to do the exact same thing this student did because they are so frustrated with the Indian education system. On the top of it, the teachers, too, have become reckless in order to produce an impressionable result irrespective or their ethics and morality. They do not take into account the harmful effects of demotivation. Besides, what gives any teacher a right to foretell a student’s prospect in life, isn’t their job to arm them with knowledge that’ll help them in their pursuit of higher education and career?

CBSE Board class 10 and 12 results for the year 2021-22 were announced on July 22, 2022. The pass percentage was recorded to be 94.40 per cent for CBSE Class 10 result and 92.71 per cent for Class 12. ISCE class 12 results 2022 were declared on July 24, 2022. The pass percentage is 99.38 percent.