Sonali Phogat: How Does One Estimate A Politician In The Bigg Boss House?

People here are seeking popularity through strange tactics, a fact that everyone - those inside the house and outside - is probably familiar with. So then is it fair to consider them all too harshly for this (alleged) open secret?

Tanvi Akhauri
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From a farming family in Haryana to an actor to a BJP politician, and now, a contestant in the Bigg Boss house. That is the roller coaster life Sonali Phogat has traced up until this point. A closer look will reveal that the journey she is on currently isn't an easy one in itself apparently. Because life on this reality show is one rife with controversies. Or so I'm told. I am admittedly not an expert on the high-octane drama that unfolds in the Bigg Boss house. But I'm piqued by the idea of a woman like Phogat, with so many aspects to her life, partaking in a show as notorious as this.


Sonali Phogat was born to a farmer’s family in Hisar, Haryana. An early marriage to Sanjay Phogat right after she completed her tenth grade was to later be struck by tragedy. But before he passed away in 2016, he was, Phogat claimed, always supportive of her throughout the offbeat chart of her career. She became an actor on the small screen with Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma and made a big-screen debut with Chhoriyan Chhoron S Kam Nahi Hoti. Taking on the pulse of the generation, she also rose to prominence on TikTok.

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A Politician In The Bigg Boss House?

Phogat significantly made headlines when she received a ticket from BJP to contest state elections from the Adampur constituency in 2019. She was also reportedly the National Vice President of BJP’s Mahila Morcha. However, in 2020, Phogat went viral for questionable reasons. We reported she was caught on camera physically assaulting Sultan Singh, the market committee secretary in Haryana. She claimed he had made a derogatory remark against her. But even if Phogat’s allegation had any weight, would violence rectify matters? Moreover, does it not reflect poorly on a politician charged with the duties of the state?

It was perhaps a blotch on Phogat's extraordinary journey. And is that being exacerbated by her presence in Bigg Boss? The show is well-known for sparking fires in places there is no wood. Phogat, a wild card entry on the show, apparently created quite a stir with her presence, what with a fight breaking out between her and co-contestant Rubina Dilaik. Read about that here.

Is her involvement in ugly fights risking a blemish on her multifaceted career? Especially given that she is a politician? How does one view her political trajectory after her reality show presence? In a way, it does seek to endanger the sobriety of a politician. But the effects of it are open to subjective opinions.


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An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Journey

But perhaps judging a person's worth by their presence on a TRP-crazed show on Bigg Boss is an activity in vain. People here are seeking popularity through strange tactics, a fact that everyone - those inside the house and outside - is probably familiar with. So then is it fair to consider them all too harshly for this (alleged) open secret? Anyway, doesn't the non-Bigg Boss-watching public patronisingly look down upon its contestants for taking part in this melodramatic reality show? Should their other achievements be overlooked for solely this reason?

Incidents on the show that have no far-reaching impact must be ignored, in my opinion. But those that threaten impediment to social issues must be called out. For instance, we reported how the ongoing season featured a "seduction" task where women were seen touching ‘Toofani Senior’ Sidharth Shukla to evade nomination. Are such “tasks” normalising harassment? Is it not propagating the idea that inappropriate touch should be taken lightly, laughed away? That women can be objectified? These moments on the show are worthy of being strongly criticised.

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But Phogat's journey from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one cannot be viewed through a single lens. Her life inside the Bigg Boss house and outside it is on different planes. Some aspects are appreciable, some not so much. Nevertheless, it deserves credit for the unusual routes it has traversed.

Views expressed are the author's own. 

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