Shakira Harassed By Stalkers After Separation: Celebs Deserve Privacy To Nurse Heartbreak

Shakira is going through a tough phase in her life due to her break up. Should she have to deal with stalkers and crazed fans amidst all this?

Chokita Paul
Jun 27, 2022 11:59 IST
shakira harassed by stalkers
Popular singer Shakira recently ended her 11-year-long relationship with Spanish football player Gerard Piqué. Reports about their impending separation had been doing rounds for quite some time now as there were speculations that the footballer had been involved with other women. When Shakira ended her relationship, she must be looking forward to focusing on rebuilding her life. Instead, she is stuck dealing with stalkers and crazed fans who want to marry her.

According to reports, the singer has been receiving letters from many obsessed fans who have proposed marriage. Shakira has even reached out to the police in connection with the harassment that she has been facing. According to her brother, numerous suspicious men have been found loitering outside her house in Barcelona. 

A stalker allegedly even left a note on the sidewalk for her, which read, "I love you, beautiful woman. I’m coming for you, my love. I am ready to marry you right now." It is disheartening that a woman, who is in need of peace right now, is being harassed because fans do not know their limits and have little to no concern regarding the challenges that the singer is facing. Do these men even have the right to call themselves Shakira's fans?

Shakira Harassed By Stalkers


People frequently make jokes about "google stalking" possible partners, but stalking is never funny. Although a stalker's tactics can vary from persistent contact to unwelcome presents, their ultimate objective is always to make you feel exposed. What people never understand it that despite what pop culture would want us to believe, stalking is never romantic.

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Shakira has futher claimed that two of her followers are following her throughout Barcelona. In order to get away from her "stalkers," she even went to the police. According to additional reports, the singer is really worried. In the meantime,Shakir'as home is being watched over by neighbourhood police officers in addition to her personal protection. Reportedly, Shakira is even considering leaving Barcelona due to the "stalking" problem.

Stalkers may start their harassment by calling or messaging their targets regularly on social media or through email, but it doesn't always stop there. According to Robert T Muller in his article, Mind of a Stalker, for Psychology Today, "the individual may progress to more intrusive actions such as spying on, and abruptly confronting their victims," if these methods of communication are unsuccessful. Although it often happens when a relationship ends, it's impossible to predict who will or won't turn into a stalker with absolute certainty. But one thing is for sure, such behaviour disturbs the people who are at the receiving end of it.


Shakira is also paying the price that comes to the fame and fan following that she has ammassed over the years. When it comes to celebs, people often fail to see them as human beings and objectify them. They are meant to be possesed or owned, They are denies privacy, even in the most difficult of times.

In case of Shakira her stalkers have zero considerations for the emotional turmoil she must be going through after a relationship that lasted more than a decade collapsed. The stalkers want to be her knights in shining armour, but does she even want one? The singer and her former partner had requested for privacy, especially for the sake of their two children. But it seems like her requests do not matter to some people.

Celebrities deserve time ans space to grieve and nurse a broken heart like any of us. To bombard them with proposals not only disrespects them but also puts the pressure on them to move and divert their attention from things close to their hearts.

The views expressed are the author's own. 

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