5 Reasons Why Divorce Is Not A Bad Word

Divorce is not a bad word, benefits of divorce

We are living in the 21st century and the stigma around divorce still has not changed a great deal. The are multiple factors that make people continue in unfulfilling marriages and the greatest among those reasons is–what will people say. Imagine doing the same job for one decade after another even though it doesn’t give you even a shred of happiness, staying in an unhappy marriage could be worse. The whole point of being with someone is to be happier and nothing else. Here are five reasons why divorce is not a bad word but a healthy step towards a better life:

Another chance at love

When thinking relationships, it is better to not believe anything that Shah Rukh Khan said in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Love can happen twice, thrice and any number of times you can give and find love. Many couples after years of togetherness get so dangerously comfortable with each other that the idea of finding someone else seems impossible. It is natural to be scared but will we ever know true happiness if don’t take chances?

 A better home for children

Couples often feel staying together is the only way to give a stable life to their children. But if you ask children you have grown up in unhappy households, they will totally disagree. Children would rather have two happy homes to go to than stay in a loveless family. Besides, research studies have proved how growing up in toxic households can seriously harm children to the extent that they might not have happy adulthood. It gets especially difficult for adults t to stay in happy relationships if they see no love between their parents.

A life of ones own

We all come to this world alone and leave this alone. Meanwhile, we find people who make our existence easier. There is no rule book that says you can’t live your life on your own. Independence is what we all should strive for. This way you get to do things you enjoy without thinking of accommodating your partner. You can travel to the places you like and there wouldn’t be someone expressing how bored they feel.

The joy of shedding off burdens

It must feel difficult to end things because you might be thinking it’s not all bad. What about it not being all good? There comes a time where you must think about your emotional wellbeing and stop telling yourself to manage. The moment you decide to break things up, no doubts things will be difficult for a while, but after that, it will never be that marriage or that person ruining your goodnight sleep. Once you walk away, the burden of living for someone else will automatically go away and you will have a life of your own.

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Taking a step yourself and only yourself

Your family, friends, colleagues and any other person you are afraid to tell about your broken marriage is not living your life. They don’t know the extent of your discomfort. You do not owe an explanation to anyone but yourself and your partner. Whether your partner feels the same way or not, it will always to your decision whether you want to continue in that marriage. Remember, if you are not happy then it is unlikely that you will make other people happy.

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