Crimes Against Women Rose By 30% In 2022, Most Under Emotional Abuse

The crime against women is constantly increasing be it in verbal spats or physical violence. The 2022 data of the National Commission for Women (NCW) reportedly has 31,000 complaints of crimes committed against women,

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The crime against women is constantly increasing be it in verbal spats or physical violence. The 2022 data of the National Commission for Women (NCW) reportedly has 31,000 complaints of crimes committed against women, which is a 30% rise in total complaints registered with the NCW from around 23,700 in 2021 to 30,800 cases in 2022.

2022 recorded the highest number of cases since 2014. Among these, 9,710 complaints were related to the right to live with dignity considered as part of emotional abuse of women, 6,970 complaints were registered under the protection of women against domestic violence (DV act 2005), and dowry harassment cases were at 4,600.

NCW Report On Crimes Against Women

These cases have been filed from across the country. Over 2,500 complaints were received under the offence of outraging the modesty of women or molestation, 1,701 of the complaints under rape and attempt to rape, 1,623 were in connection with police apathy against women and 924 complaints were related to cyber crimes. Most of the cases from Uttar Pradesh, about 54.5% - 16,872 complaints were received from UP, Delhi next in the row recorded 3,004 complaints – about 10%, Maharashtra with 1,381 complaints – 5%, Bihar with 1,368 and Haryana with 1,362 cases.

It is interesting to take note of the highest complaints (9,710) being related to emotional abuse of women. The data shows emotional abuse is rising, which is hardly recognised in society.

So what is emotional abuse?

One might have come across feeling useless, isolated, worthless, or frustrated all the time. It may be because of exhaustion that appeared from tolerating emotional abuse for a longer period. Emotional abuse is not visible, it comes from small little things. Every now and then a subtle proportion of it tickles the mind piling up intense feelings. Emotional abuse involves controlling a person through constant criticism, humiliation, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulation. Emotional abuse exists in relationships among friends, family members, and co-workers. This could take severe turns into violence, harassment, mental breakdown, and also a force to be suicidal. Emotional abuse has been highlighted in the DV act.


Domestic violence generally considers physical or sexual abuse at the hands of an intimate partner or family members but the emotional abuse and trauma inculcated are often neglected. Even the system overlooks it. From a broader perspective violence is all about control, playing with someone's mind, destroying self-confidence, making her dependent on everything, and taking decisions for her is controlling and dominant.

Emotional abuse could be anything, in fact sexual, physical abuse leaves a long-lasting impact on mental health and wounds the emotional quotient. Emotional abuse could be in the form of possessiveness. The control could be exerted through as basic as a partner making sure her wife should seek permission to socialize with other people. Constant calls, texts, or tracking her actions. Keeping a tab on her earnings or giving limited allowances. Contesting her loyalty all the time. Being jealous if she is too outgoing.

Men usually tend to use various negative emotions to abuse their partners. For women, the most important thing is self-respect and integrity. Nothing kills a woman more than his partner assassinating her character, her being suspicious of being. This has been increasing recently as many women-based organizations are active in society and dealing with a myriad of domestic violence cases every day. Physical violence may be secondary but first comes emotional abuse. If anything goes wrong in a relationship, the man debases her character first.

This is not new to anyone, this has always been happening but was aloof from the eyes of the oppressor, victim, and even society. How to put such violence in words and make a law out of it? Also, why such cases are rising? One of the possible reasons could be awareness among women, and alertness about the red flags in a relationship. Maybe the law counting emotional abuse could also be one of the reasons women coming ahead and talking about it. Awareness of mental health issues is also more visible. Besides, the PWDV act 2005 provides immediate relief. If she is been evicted from the house, her children are confiscated, or being mentally harassed, with the court's order police must take instant action on the matter. The trick is how effective it is for women. However, it is now time to implement it in a way it reaches out to many sufferers.

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