From Naming Her Child To Signing Films, Kareena Kapoor Can Do No Right By Troll Brigade

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Kareena Kapoor trolled for Sita role: Kareena Kapoor Khan is being trolled again. No, this time it is not about what name she chose for her son. Neither has she made any controversial statement on religion, politics or any other issue that gives social media an allergic rash. This time Khan is being trolled because rumour has it that she is charging 12 crore rupees to play the role of Sita in an upcoming film by Alaukik Desai. Yup, that was all it took- a rumour!

Some people felt “hurt” that a woman actor, on top of her game despite marriage and two kids in her corner (previously considered to be a death sentence for any heroine’s career) can dare to charge such an exorbitant fee to play such a revered character. Mind you, there has been no confirmation from Khan or the team behind this film regarding the fee or even her casting.

Here’s a selection of comments being sent Khan’s way for what can only best be described as B-town gossip.

One cannot help but wonder what Khan has to do to not be trolled these days. You do not have to be her fan to see how relentlessly she is targetted on social media and that too for the most bizarre reasons. Did Kareena Kapoor Khan make a statement that hurt the religious sentiments of a group? Did she mouth a dialogue that was derogatory to any community? Did she endorse falsified narratives, or even dare to speak openly on any political issues. Nope, it is evident that Khan now tries to keep her distance from controversial topics and one can’t blame her for this benign approach.

Women have to pay a huge cost to be outspoken even today. Not every woman has time, energy or stamina for that. Yes, we would love our women actors to be more vocal about causes that matter to them or us, but then we also have to ask whether our wish is justified considering the price they have to pay? A lot of us may not be onboard with Khan’s views on feminism, but as feminists, we have to stand up for a woman’s well-being. Do trolls realise the kind of damage such shaming can do to a person’s mental health and that too a new mother? Must every woman now stop and weigh in the digital abuse she may have to endure, every time she makes a career decision or so much as names her child?

If anything we need to be celebrating this actor for having such strong presence in the industry that she can command such an impressive fee, breaking many industry-related stereotypes around ageing, marriage and maternity. But alas, women’s achievements are seen more as threats to the fabric of society, rather than breakthroughs. This tide of trolling too shall pass. Kareena Kapoor Khan may eventually earn 12 crores for this film or any other one. But our mindset? When will that change? When will we question the toxicity that we make women endure for simply existing? If all it takes is rumours to outrage us, then what does it say about our collective mental health?

The views expressed are the author’s own.