Guy On Matrimony Site Rejects Woman For Her Dating History: Could Men Be More Insecure?

Judgment on Dating History
Men cannot take ‘no’ for an answer but keep doing thousand more infuriating things to shelter their fragile ego. In this case, a man from the Indian matrimony service, flipped out when a woman told him about her past relationships with men as if there are dating rules which a woman ought to follow while men choose to plague the world with dishonesty.

It is no news to us that we all are sensitive to lies in a relationship. As partners, both of them are open about their dating history – if not clearly, at least they put forth a partial picture without fabrication in any shape or form. Although this is ideal, not many men choose to follow this. According to Stefanie Safran, a matchmaker in Chicago, men prefer younger women—even if they have had relationships with women their age or older in the past. Safran can be quoted as saying: “Men want women that work out, eat healthily, and generally take care of themselves.” In this case, men also want the search history of a woman’s dating life to read nill – otherwise, a lot is “unmarriable” about her.

Judgment on Dating History

When Poan tweeted out, “This guy from [matrimony site] literally said he can’t proceed with this and hung up on me when I told him I was in a relationship in college like what! and whyyy!”, someone said, it was hard for that man, who, probably was not involved in any sexual relationship in his past, found it heartbreaking to find out the exact opposite about the woman he was “destined” to get married to. “Do you know how hard for a boy who never indulges in a [email protected] relationship to mingle with the girl whose whole life is moving around a promiscuous relationship?” read the comment. 

As distorted as the definition of “promiscuity” is for these men, needless to say, men are amply insecure about a woman’s choice and freedom to act like a #regressive_uncle. While there are men who proclaim and think it is funny to suggest that a woman should always be in the kitchen and call her “hysterical” when she is annoyed at his toxic masculinity, there are also men who get upset about the number of men she sees and is even related to.

These men are more likely to dump homophobia on earth which is already in pieces because of misogynists making horrible decisions. So many people have dated in their college life – expecting some drama or a break from boring lectures, or even someone to bunk classes and go to the movies with while their friend gives them proxy. Why does it bother this “rishta-ready” man so much that he calls her names in his head? This classic example of “pavitra-rishta,” takes us to sexism in which the rightly guessed agents – Indian politicians look for more ways to sexualise the women around them.

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A report dates 2021, Gulabrao Patil, a Shiv Sena leader and minister from Maharashtra, is the most recent member of the list of politicians to have said offensive things about women. He made a comparison between Hema Malini’s cheeks and the roads in his Jalgaon, Mathura, district. Despite the widespread outcry over sexist comments made by Indian leaders, little seems to have changed. Insecure men like him need to pull other women down in order to feel more confident. What women cannot do, is understand on men’s behalf, how ridiculous they sound.

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