Why Can't Ira Khan Wear A Bikini At Her Birthday Pool Party?

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Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira ushered in her 25th birthday with a pool party. Something every youngster plans on a hot summer day. As it was a pool party everyone was in their swimsuits and Ira donned a pretty floral bikini. And was seen cutting a cake with her parents Aamir and Reena by her side. And then all hell has broken loose!

So, we have a Twitter user tweet “Which Daughter stands next to her dad in a bikini? These guys are the worst influence on this woke generation, Trust Bollywood to ruin your culture and normalise such indecency in the name of modernity.” And then there was a train of tweets supporting his tweet saying “I also had similar observation ki baap aur bhai ke samne kaun hi pehenta h”, “Wearing a bikini in front of your father.. Is it Bollywood or normalised in rich folks as well?”

I also remember another similar incident when actor Sara Ali Khan was trolled for wearing a bikini in the company of her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan. It was the same argument, “How can she wear a bikini in front of her brother?”

So, what are we to make of this guy’s tweet and his supporters that he’s afraid of a woman’s body? Or is he a misogynist? Or do they feel they are losing control over women? As one social media user pointed out “This guy does nothing but get triggered by women just existing and being themselves istg”.

Thankfully we also see some supporters of Ira’s choice, Sona Mohapatra took to her Instagram to share a long note and wrote, “All the people outraging about Ira Khan’s choice of attire or linking it to what #AamirKhan said, did or didn’t in the past please note; she is 25. A free, thinking, adult woman. Is exercising her choices. Doesn’t need her dad’s approval or yours. BUZZ off. #Patriachy #India.” The moment she shared this, several fans took to the comments section to support her and Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan. One fan wrote, “People didn't realise it's a pool party... That's an appropriate attire for a pool party..... Everyone was wearing enough clothes to enjoy the water...” The other fan wrote, “I really appreciate your openness and their freedom and choices of enjoying life.”

Some questions do come to mind!

Ira Khan Wear A Bikini: Why is it inappropriate for a girl to wear what she wants?


Girls have been trolled for wearing shorts and skirts (remember that aunty in a mall asking men to rape a girl who was wearing a short skirt) and plunging necklines (recently actor Nimrat Kaur was trolled for her choice of a dress with a low neckline). That was an outside home, random person trolling women but Ira is with her parents, family and friends, so what’s the big deal? Is she not safe with them? The troll got a befitting reply from a woman, “if that's your first thought after seeing a normal family picture you shouldn't be allowed to have kids ever”.

If her father doesn’t have an issue why should we?

Aamir Khan and Rina do not seem to have any issue with their daughter wearing a bikini so who are we to say anything. What does this troll mean anyway that - a father will objectify his daughter? How sick is that? As a user rightly wrote “Hey you moron, please don't have a daughter. She ain't gonna be safe with you.” Another replied, “Her father doesn't have a problem, tujhe kya itni panchayat hai”. In fact, it’s commendable that the family accepts and normalised a girl’s choice.

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She was dressed for the theme

As a Twitter user mentions it’s a pool party and she is appropriately dressed for it. It’s not as if she’s the only one in a swimming costume. Her beau (Nupur Shikhare) and friends all are dressed for the occasion.

Why we as a society are always policing women?

I agree with this Twitter user when he wrote “U would see a guy shirtless wearing just swimming pants standing alongside his mother and literally no one would even care. Amazing how shit the mentality of this lot becomes when it comes to other side.”

What gives society this right to police women all the time? “Why is she wearing this?” “Why is she out so late?” “Why does she have boys as friends?” etc. When will we learn that like men and boys even girls have a fee will? I agree with this person when she wrote, “You really are disgusting. Women are objectified everywhere. The culture which cries for the bikini will also cry when Muslim women chose to wear Hijab.”

If you don’t like a woman doing something that hurts your set misogynist ethics then turn your face away please, and let the women be.

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