Shaadi Season Makes Grand Return Post-Pandemic: 5 Things To Look Forward To

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It’s winter (kind of) and the Indian wedding season is upon us! Do we even remember what the phenomenon was all about? It’s possible the pandemic has made us rusty, as far as big-scale social interaction is concerned. 2021 has been especially difficult for much of the country with the virulence of the coronavirus turning lives upside down. But with the effects of the disease having relatively simmered down, we find ourselves with an opportunity to make the most of what’s left of the year.

Chances are, you received at least one wedding card in your letterbox in past weeks. Most definitely, if you’re in Delhi. A report this week noted November 21 in the national capital is jam-packed with as many as 8000 weddings! This is only a meek number, given that COVID-19 cases haven’t entirely died down. The city saw an exponentially bigger revelry back in 2015 when the wedding count went up to an insane 25,000 on December 7.

The idea of packing in at a venue with more people than you can count off your fingers as also having to interact with them (the horror!) may seem daunting. Here is your motivation to help you along in taking a deep breath and a slow step back into the good ol’ wedding season.

Wedding Season 2.0: Here’s How To Figure Out Your Way

1. Food, of course

Few things in life are better than the spread you find at a big fat Indian wedding. Splurging for their dear sons and daughters, parents go the whole mile in bringing Italy, Lebanon, Mexico to the table, from where the food will make its way into the plates and palates of aunties and uncles waiting to rate the whole wedding basis that. That is if there is enough space inside the stomach after guzzling what seems like an infinite supply of starters. But who’s complaining? Keep the food comin’.

2. Not looking like a troll, for a change

Desi weddings could give Bollywood a run for its money when it comes to getting all jazzy. The extravagance at these events is unparalleled, with attendees going all-out on glitter and glamour. While it’s not compulsory to partake in that OTT display of your wardrobe, weddings make for a nice occasion to give yourself a change of atmosphere from crusty pyjamas to partywear. Not for the compliments (although who minds those really?) but just to see what your dressed-up alter ego looks like.

3. Catching up on gossip

The best place to catch up on all that gossip with cousins and friends without drawing attention to yourselves is amid the din of an Indian wedding. Finding moments of laughter between running errands or making last-minute arrangements are underrated joys which in actuality are the entire essence of what makes desi weddings so fun. And at these parties, sleep is for the weak. So you’re doing it right when you stay up all night chatting without a care that the alarm will sound in a couple hours.

4. Dating app come to life

Swipe left, swipe right. Save your fingers the trouble of a dating app and just go to an Indian wedding. The crowd will perhaps not be as exhaustive (if we’re being responsible about COVID-19 protocol) but your eyes will be treated to a sea of new faces, each a potential match. If you’re into cinematic cliches, you can even attempt a dupatta-caught-in-a-sleeve meet-cute with someone. The possibilities are endless. Clearly, it isn’t just aunties who are busy matchmaking at these events.

5. Winding down 

Many of us have been locked inside our homes for the better part of the year. And while that has been a real privilege, considering the kind of apocalyptic devastation out of doors,

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