Hansika Motwani Wedding: Can We Stop Blaming Women For Broken Marriages?

Ever since Hansika Motwani announced her engagement, she has been receiving a lot of criticism for "stealing" her friend’s husband. The actor and her husband address the allegations in their documentary, "Love Shaadi Drama."

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Hansika Motwani Wedding Documentary
Actor Hansika Motwani, who married businessman Sohael Kathuriya in December 2022, documented the wedding for her fans to see. The documentary, titled "Love Shaadi Drama," was released on February 10, 2023, on the OTT platform Disney Hotstar. Ever since the actor announced her engagement, she has been receiving a lot of criticism for "stealing" her friend’s husband. People called her homewrecker. Strange! How can a third person break a relationship where the couple is strongly committed to each other? Is it fair to blame Hansika Motwani simply because she is a woman?

In a recent interview, Hansika Motwani addressed the criticisms. She said that it doesn’t matter to her. "Let them keep talking. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s really okay. I know it’s coming from my heart, and it's a legit reality." The actor further revealed that Sohael Kathuria was her brother Prashant's best friend and love just happened organically for them.

Several photos of Hansika Motwani attending Sohael Kathuria's first marriage as the bride, Rinky's friend, appeared online after she announced her engagement. Since then, the actor has been facing allegations for apparently "breaking" Sohael Kathuria’s wedding.

Hansika Motwani Wedding Documentary

In an episode of the documentary, the actor said, "Just because I knew the person at that time doesn’t mean it was my fault. I have nothing to do with this. It’s very easy for people to point at me and paint me as the villain just because I’m a public figure. This is a price I pay for being a celebrity."

According to public allegations, which are completely unsolicited because they are baseless and nobody’s business. When a married man falls in love with a single woman, society has traditionally blamed the woman for breaking a family. The man, who is an equal part of the relationship, is always left out of the equation. While this article does not advocate for illegitimate relationships or infidelity, it does raise the question of why the woman is singled out for blame. Why do men always get a free pass?

If a couple is happily married and equally invested in the relationship, how can anybody cause even a splinter in the marriage? A relationship will break only because of the two people involved and never because of a third person. We are not talking about children who can easily be influenced with a treat here! These are full-grown adults who can make their own decisions.


Moreover, no crime has been committed here. Sohael Kathuriya had legally divorced his first wife before marrying Motwani. What one does after their divorce is none of anybody’s business. Sohael’s first wife, Rinky, who is also part of the equation, hasn’t made any allegations against anyone. So why are people simply building irrational speculations out of nothing? It sounds like a really sick hobby to baselessly blame women.

So what if Motwani had known Kathuriya before? Love is something that can never be forced out of anyone. In the first episode of the documentary, Sohael Kathuriya said, "I was married in 2014, and that marriage lasted for a very short time. But just because we have been friends and someone saw pictures of her (Motwani) attending my wedding, this speculation started. The news about my previous marriage came out in the wrong light as if the breakup was because of Hansika, which is absolutely untrue and baseless," he added.

Everyone in this issue is an adult with a mind of their own. No one can influence anyone. If a woman falls in love with a divorced man, that doesn't mean she was the cause of his breakup. It simply means two people fell in love, regardless of their past, and got married. Public figures do not have to be an open book to society. People cannot go about making baseless allegations and tarnishing a woman’s character just because she's a celebrity. Why is something as simple as this difficult for society to understand?

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Hansika Motwani Wedding Hansika Motwani Wedding Documentary