Hailey Bieber Flaunts Her Family Ties In A ‘Nepo Baby’ T-Shirt, Have A Look

hailey bieber nepo baby t-shirt
Hailey Bieber was spotted in Los Angeles on January 6 for an outing and the model looked dapper as ever in a cropped t-shirt that she paired with jeans, a studded belt and a black shoulder bag. But what caught everyone’s attention was the word ‘Nepo Baby’ written on her t-shirt, the word that the trolls used to define her entire existence in Hollywood.

Since her modelling debut, Hailey Baldwin was called out for her family ties and her success was associated with nepotism. The daughter of American actor Stephen Baldwin and the niece of actor Alec Baldwin was always the target of trolls and people who disregarded her skills and talents. Things got worse when the 26-year-old model married Canadian singer Justin Bieber and was reduced to nothing but his wife. From Baldwin to Bieber, Hailey’s family connections stood out more than her own identity. On Friday, she wore a t-shirt with ‘Nepo Baby’ printed on it in LA which seemed as if she embraced her family and could not be shamed for them.

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Hailey Bieber Nepo Baby T-Shirt

Twitter users reacted to Hailey Bieber’s way of answering the trolls and accusations against her. A user wrote, “Hailey wearing a shirt that says “Nepo Baby” because that’s what everyone tries to use to drag her is such a boss move, what a slay”. Another one called out people who criticised her t-shirt and wrote, “yal been calling Hailey bieber a nepo baby as an insult for YEARS and now that she’s acknowledging it and owning up to it yall are mad and suddenly she’s “rubbing her privilege in yall faces”? get a grip.”

Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt, who has also been trolled for being a representative of nepotism, reportedly has liked a social media post about Bieber’s ‘Nepo Baby’ t-shirt. Nepotism is a huge debate in Bollywood and was the reason behind the ‘cancellation’ trend that affected many movies last year. People believe that star kids have it easy in the acting and the fashion industry as their family ties and influence help them bag opportunities that they are not worthy of, taking away that chance from talented artists.

However, disregarding an actor or model’s skills and talents just because they are related to a famous person is not justice. Sure, the star kids find it easy to start things but to keep going forward and being loved by the audience does not depend on their family ties. Nepotism can help actors become famous quickly and get them launched into movies but to make the movies hit, they need to have talent. That is the reason why not every star kid is a hit.

It is not that they have the choice to be born into that family. Nepotism is a privilege that these actors and models get for being born into a famous family but they did not choose it. Shaming them for a thing they did not have control over is not very righteous. Moreover, being born into a famous family brings you into the limelight from a very young age and hence, it’s hard for them to choose a private life. Their every move is criticised from a very young age, not to forget the online trolling and shaming. So they don’t really have it easy when we look at it that way. And if compared to other fields and industries, it is natural for children to inherit the privileges of their parents. Nepotism occurs everywhere so giving so much attention to creating hatred for the entertainment stars might seem unfair to an extent.

Whatever the case is, it is not right to deny the entire existence of a person just because they have an influential family. Just like Hailey Bieber, she sure is a star wife and star kid but that does not mean she is not a talented model. And if people don’t like her modelling, they should not watch her or pay attention to her.

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