Fought With BFF?: Here Are Some Things You Should Never Say

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As much as we love our BFF, there can be times when they just get on our nerves and have a huge fight. But there’s always a limit, there are certain things you should never say no matter how ugly things get. Here’s a guide on how to fight fair when things get rough between you can you BFF.

Friendship fights can be much worse and more heart-breaking than relationship fights. It can be more difficult to cope up with friendship breakups too as we tend to lose our family. Because friends are the family, we choose for ourselves.

Even though a little brawl is good for any relationship as it tends make the bond stronger, there are certain things you should never say to your BFF in a fight.

Here are five things you should never say to you BFF while fighting:

  1. It’s all your fault

Nobody is ever at fault alone. In every fight, there is always something which is not acceptable by the other but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are at fault all alone. Never put the entire blame on them because they may be something you did that put them off as well.

  1. I hate you

Don’t ever tell your friend that you hate them because you don’t. You’ll always love your friends no matter if things are not smooth between you two, you’ll always care about them and saying that you hate them will only make them feel worse. Do not get overpowered by temporary feelings because you know you two will patch things up in no time. You’ll never stop loving your BFF no matter how much they mess things up.

  1. I’m sorry (when you don’t mean it)

NEVER say that you’re sorry when you don’t mean it with your entire heart because it will only hurt their feelings. It is very unkind and inconsiderate to say sorry without actually being responsible for making them feel the way they do.

  1. You are ‘X’ for doing ‘Y’

Do not call your BFF with names or use a language that might hurt them and make things worse than they already are. Being called a certain way may trigger them and also affect your relationship further as these things are meant to come up again sooner or later, it will only make you two bitter about each other.

  1. Using threats or warnings

Friendships are based on trust and loyalty of two people. If you’re threatening your friend or warning them to reveal their secrets, you haven’t been a good friend to them while you’re emotionally abusing them. Don’t be that friend.

Friendships can be difficult to manage as we get older. We meet new people, get busy with work as we juggle between the work-life balance but it does not necessarily mean that we forget or leave the ones who were once there for us. Even though it can be messy at times, friendships are a blessing that make our lives better.

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