Sanna Marin Controversy: Doesn’t The Finnish Prime Minister Have The Right To Party?

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A woman in power has every right to spend her leisure time with friends and family. For a Finnish woman, it went all wrong.

A party video of Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing sparked controversy in Finland, criticising her for spending time with friends dancing and singing. PM Marin’s behaviour was termed inappropriate. She faced a barrage of questions about the party, and whether drugs were involved. Soon a debate emerged among Finns about what level of reveling is appropriate for a prime minister.

What did the Finnish Prime Minister Marin do to attract such flak? She went to a party! PM Marin is a political figure, her life is in the public domain. Is this the reason- why her choices are under constant scrutiny of moral policing? We are in 2022 and yet public figures partying  has become an international issue. PM Marin herself questioned the country about the decision maker’s right to make choices. 

Are people hurt to see an unconventional prime minister? PM Marin’s personality is vibrant and breaks the stereotypes. Prime Ministers over decades have had a certain personality and quite different from what Sanna Marin brings to the table. Marin’s idea to have fun with her fans was called rude, unprofessional, and disgusting. So does trick lie in the gender? Does it mean that women’s autonomy is not yet acceptable even in the developed nation of Finland?

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Marin has been frequently courted controversy- posting certain selfies on Instagram or partying. She was given the nickname of party-Sanna by the press. These attracted lot of misogynistic reactions. It also attracted international attention ever since Marin took office in December 2019. A 2021 study conducted by NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence also found that the Marin’s government received myriads of abusive and sexist messages. So, its not about power, the issue seems to be that a woman is holding that position of power. 

Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin Controversy

Marin has also been leading Finland’s NATO application for membership. Her government announced to cut down tourist visas to 10% of current volumes as resistance to Russia. But she hardly found people praising her for it. 

The Finnish Prime Minister is questioned constantly for all the wrong reasons. Questioning a Prime Minister for her official duties as a decision maker makes more sense. Hounding her about party videos is absurd, as it is a matter of personal life. Speaking recklessly about her competency as a leader based on what she does in her personal time is outrageous. At the same time, it stinks misogyny and envy of the senior class who still can’t have faith in a young woman leader.  

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