Too Many Fights With Your Parents? Here Are Five Ways To Resolve Them

Tensions, turbulence, and tough fights between parents and children are not a new thing for Gen Z. We are no more those obedient lots who don't question our parents, but questioning and arguing doesn't mean that we don't love or respect them.

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"I am not gonna talk to you ever in my life," I say this every time I have a fight with my parents but this sentence never sees the door of turning into a reality nor I want it to see the face of realism. Fights between me and my parents hardly stay and stretch for long. Thanks to our resolving capacity which has strengthened during this pandemic where we spent a lot of time together with a plethora of disparities and differences in our ideologies.


Tensions, turbulence, and tough fights between parents and children are not a new thing for Gen Z. We are no more those obedient lots who don't question our parents, but questioning and arguing doesn't mean that we don't love or respect them. It's just that venting out our feelings and giving an outlet to the bottled up emotions prevent us from those disturbing nightmares. Another reason could be that now with time parenting needs to see a turn, that's what we expect as our parent's dear children.

Nevertheless, whatever our expectations and emotions are, our arguments do take a toll on our ailing and ageing parents who devoted their lives to give us a living. Not only it pinches them but also it gives us a few hiccups, after all, we do love them(not generalising, not always parent-child relationships are flowery). Thus, it is necessary we don't stretch out the scrimmage with our parents. Here are five ways that can work as an extinguisher for our heated arguments.

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Five Ways To Douse Off The Heated Arguments With Our Parents

Let The Fight Lose Its Momentum

Believe me, if you even say the five lettered magical word SORRY when the argument is in full swing, you might strike the wrong chords, ultimately giving way to the fight taking uglier turns. Thus, the thumb rule is to keep quiet until you see the fight has lost its momentum. Even inside the boxing rings and WWF fights, after the fight turns dangerous, one of the counterparts is asked not to retaliate. In fights with our parents, the best defence mechanism is to take a rest and tape up your mouth.


Apologise If You Think You Were Wrong

While we are fighting, we often bring out things that we shouldn't have which might prick the wrong nerves and thus might result in hurting our beloved parents. After the fight has seen a cold chilly ending and is enjoying the gentle warmth of the sun afterward, go ahead to apologise. If that doesn't work play the emotional card. Cry and apologise. Bring those lovely memories as a chain in front of them. A mixture of love and guilt can do wonders for the recipe of resolving to see its colours.


Discussion in the Indian set-up sounds difficult but go ahead because that would help you and your parents to reach a compromising ground where each one of you is equally satisfied. Sit with your parents, tell and keep all the points which you were making while you were fighting in a dignified manner. Don't increase the pitch while discussions because that might again give way to another fight. Also, if the matter isn't worth discussion just keep it off. Let it go. Cover it with mud (translated from Mitti Pao).

Forgive And Forget

If you keep clinging on to the last night's fight you might end up with one another. The best way to give relief to your  15 centimetres small brain and fist-size heart is to throw the bits of fights out. Moreover, as said forgiving is the best virtue to unburden yourself from any freight that is adding to your body's weight of griefs, tensions, frets etc. So forgive and forget.


Put It Off

Once you have forgiven and forgotten don't open the buried boxes again. Have you ever seen those eerie movies where once you open the locks of the past, there is turbulence which gains acceleration in your life. There are ghosts and all unexpected scenarios around the life of the person who unlocked the doors. Do you want to be a troubled person?  A big NO right? So kindly don't bring the previous fights out of their resting places. Let them rest, it's required for your healthy life and healthy relationship with your parents.

And at last, chill, fights are common. You being your parent's child doesn't mean that you have to agree upon everything and anything. It's completely fine to have bit turbulences in your relationship with your parents. But if you feel that you should resolve go ahead and take the first step.

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