Dear Society, Women Are Tired Of Hearing These 19 Sexist Things Every Day. Please Stop.

Sexist Compliments in Indian household

Sexist things: The gender discrimination in our society is so deep rooted to such an extent that we ‘villainize’ women for making a choice or having an opinion. Worse, we will tell her things to her face. We want women to be calm, docile, submissive and obedient. Any woman who doesn’t fulfil our definition of a “female” is automatically treated as a “shame” or “chalu“.

How long do we need to understand that our expectations aren’t unrealistic or unaffordable? We don’t look for rich husbands or compensation after divorce. We are capable enough of living by ourselves. All we demand is a healthy and safe environment.

More than anything else, it is the sexist remarks from our friends and family that makes life tougher for us. They have an option to just let us be. But no, they don’t spare a moment to blurt out unwanted comments that make you roll your eyes. They won’t congratulate you on getting a promotion but will definitely ask you when you plan to “settle down”.

Can we stop saying these 19 sexist things to women?

  1. Good that you are a working woman. You will easily find a “well settled” groom.
  2. You cook really well. Your husband won’t have any complaints.
  3. What do you mean you don’t want children? A woman is incomplete without them.
  4. Wear some ‘decent’ clothes. Sharam hi aurat ka gehna hota hai.
  5. It’s okay that you work. But remember that it’s your responsibility to take care of the family.
  6. It’s not safe for you to travel alone. Take your brother along.
  7. Why do you have so many guy friends? Can’t you be friends with girls?
  8. We cannot allow you to marry the man of your choice. You have to marry the stranger we choose for you.
  9. Your studies and career can wait. “Settle down” first else you will not find a suitable groom.
  10. You spend so much on food and clothes. How does your husband allow you?
  11. You’re an adult and still virgin? You don’t know what you’re missing out.
  12. Your husband earns so well. Why do you have to work?
  13. Lose some weight. Men don’t like fat women.
  14. You are too thin. “Gain some weight to look attractive.”
  15. It’s not a good thing to have so much of sex. Be in your limits.
  16. Why do you want to become a pilot? An air-hostess would be a better option.
  17. Don’t even think of ‘adopting’ a child. Nothing can beat the joy of having your own child.
  18. Don’t interfere in the matter of finances. You won’t understand these.
  19. You don’t have an option to remain unmarried. The society will outcast you.

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