Cleavages Are Natural, Why Do People Make It A Slut Shamming Tool?

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The  narrow area between a woman’s breasts is known as the cleavage. It is addressed mainly by ‘tera cleavage dikh raha hai‘ or “ooh she is revealing”. The very next moment, the garment is adjusted to cover it. Yes, she is revealing a tiny body part. But why is it not acceptable to society and becomes a slut-shamming tool? For a person like me, cleavages are beautiful and can make one feel feisty and confident.

To show cleavage or not is totally a woman’s choice. Clothes we like make us confident, and how we carry them defines us. Criticism makes us doubt ourselves. Isn’t the basis of body positivity that people should be happy in all kinds of bodies, and they should not judge themselves based on what others are saying about them. Now more and more young women are taking criticism on their chin and accepting who they are while making sure they are calling out society’s double standards. 

Cleavages Are Natural

The worst experience a woman could ever have is being body shamed. They are impacted by it. Some women do have flat cleavages, and others have a lot of cleavage; it is who they are. Both may enjoy displaying it or may not. Some may even want to bronze it, like using a highlighter and makeup? But who gives the liberty to the society at large to judge them?

The most hurtful are the crude remarks that come from friends and family. If someone is wearing a deep-neck dress, everyone searches for cleavages, which is the social reality. Uncles make the best judgments, while aunties give the worst looks. But can your clothes decide your character?

Why must cleavage be made sexual?

It is her choice to purchase a turtleneck top or a low-cut top. Like her lack of cleavage is not a draw; a fuller cleavage should not be a target for criticism. More and more women are unaffected by society’s acceptance or disapproval of their cleavage, and they accept who they are and how they dress. 

Everyone has a unique body type, according to which how their cleavage appears. Why is a body judged solely on its appearance? And who should decide what is attractive and what is not? 

While we cannot alter anyone’s mindset, we can be conscious of what is right or wrong. Shaming is not a choice and shouldn’t be an option. Being a woman makes it very tough to live in a world where you are constantly being assessed based on your body.

They regard her cleavage as one of the essential features of her body, like hand, eyes, nose etc. She has a choice in how she dresses, and has chosen how she will demonstrate herself. Why not others if she accepts it as her beauty? Keep in mind that cleavages are beautiful because it contributes to her beauty.

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