Career Vs Family: Why Society Needs To Stop Burdening Women With This Unfair Choice

Women As Unpaid Labourers, wages for domestic labour
Why do women always have to make a choice of Career Vs Family? The freedom to work on one’s own terms, in conditions of dignity, safety, and fairness is essential for human welfare. It is a significant goal for women. We are seeing a shift in gender roles at work and at home. In addition, the outlook for those entering adulthood today is very different from that of those who graduated a generation ago.

We must continue to develop a society that provides opportunities and choices to both men and women. And it is our responsibility as a society to make it as easy as possible for those who want to be parents to achieve their goals. Our businesses and social institutions must develop a workforce that is more adaptable and productive, allowing them to compete in the global economy while also raising the next generation.

Reasons for Career Interruptions in Women Lives

Mothers were much more likely than fathers to report significant career interruptions in order to pay attention to their families’ needs, according to an ILO report published in 2013. 

1. Gender Gap In Employment

This is due to the fact that gender roles are lagging behind the trend in the labor force. Women spend more time than men on housework and child care, and fewer hours on paid work, though the gap has narrowed significantly over time. In 2013, according to an ILO survey, working mothers with children under 18 spent 14.2 hours per week on housework on average, compared to 8.6 hours for fathers. 

2. Society’s Views on Mother and Child Relationships

Another factor is how society views mothers and their children’s relationships. The idea that women should resume their traditional roles in society is still prevalent in society. However, only 16 percent of adults said having a full-time working mother is the “ideal situation” for young children when asked. According to Pew Report In America,  Some 42% believe that having a mother who works part-time is best for young children, while 33% believe that having a mother who does not work at all is best. Only about one-in-five (22%) full-time working mothers believe that having a full-time working mother is ideal for young children.

3. Traditional Gender Ideologies

Gender ideologies are largely shaped by socialization.  According to traditional gender ideologies, women are caregivers, men are providers, breadwinners, and each gender has its own sphere of duties and responsibilities.  Despite the fact that gender roles have become more socially progressive in recent decades, research shows that “these changes in gender attitudes have not been accompanied by corresponding changes in housework allocation.”

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Result of Fewer Women Workforce In Society

Many economists believe that family-related career interruptions can hurt women’s economic prospects in a variety of ways, including contributing to the gender wage gap and narrowing the pipeline for top-level jobs.

Final Words

 Young women who place a high value on their health are frequently hesitant to start a family. A decrease in child plans has been linked to the growing number of women who identify themselves as independent. Furthermore, they now expect to be respected, desire more personal time, and have a better understanding of what it takes to succeed outside the home. 

Women should have more freedom to pursue paths that are personally meaningful to them rather than those dictated by tradition or inherited norms in general. They should no longer be bound by motherhood, and they should be better equipped to forge their own paths.

At the dawn of the twenty-first century, we can’t afford to be stuck in the past. We must move faster to achieve a more equal and inclusive future. It’s essential for our economic development, workforce participation, and future generations.

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