The Liberation In Calling Out Body-Shaming: Camila Cabello Shows How It's Done

Camila Cabello body-shaming attacks show how uncomfortable society still is with the idea of women not fitting into their prescribed beauty standards.

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Camila Cabello body-shaming: Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello is a routine target of internet trolls who swoop down on her to point out what they think are "flaws" - the stretch marks on her body, the colour of her skin, the cellulite on her thighs. Basically, the elements that make us human. Common characteristics all women have but, for some reason, society believes doesn't make us an 'ideal' or 'attractive' woman.

Back in June, certain photos of the 24-year-old on holiday with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes went viral. Cabello in her bikini, candid in her body, was massively trolled on social media, with people commenting on her shape and size. She "felt so liberated" after clapping back at her body-shamers, Cabello said recently in a conversation with Bustle.

camila cabello body-shaming Camila Cabello body-shaming for beach photos

I was like, 'No matter what pictures come out or what people say, I'm now controlling the narrative: Camila Cabello

That is something many women aspire to do, but often fail to because of the fear of entailing scrutiny. We all want to take the narrative about ourselves into our own hands and turn it around in favour of our own empowerment. But not all of us have the tools or the stamina and patience needed to do this.

Camila Cabello Body-Shaming Incident: What Women Face On A Daily Basis

Why is there expectation to adhere to preconceived, limited notions of what counts as "beauty"? Should we allow society to dictate to us how our bodies must look? Most importantly, why does criticism still follow women who do not fit into those prescribed standards of ideal sizes?


It's time we call the toxicity out.

In anticipation of greater, uglier trolling, women often choose to ignore the body-shaming they face online and off, for the sake of their own sanity. It's not easy to engage mentally and emotionally with consistent attacks on oneself and one's own identity.

On the issue of body-shaming however, the silent treatment does not appear to be working with trolls who are only getting emboldened in their ideology of abusing women who 'look different' than what they would like them to look like.

Even if gradually, in their own time and in the preferred headspace, the need is for women to rally together against this brand of systemic misogyny that threatens our peace and pursuit of equality.

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