Flowers, Chocolates, Promises: What Do Women Really Want On Valentine’s Day?

Best Valentines Day Gift
Best Valentines Day Gift any boyfriend can give: Roses, chocolates, flowers, jewellery, expensive gifts? Oh boy, gone are those days. I mean, us women no longer need you to get us these gifts on Valentine’s. We can buy them for ourselves. In fact, why did men always believe that a woman would be happy if is showered with expensive gifts? Isn’t there more to love than the momentary joy and thrill that a gift from a loved one brings?  Dear men, there are so many things that women want from you, and they would not cost you a rupee.

SheThePeople spoke to young women to know what they want this Valentine’s day. So if you are a boyfriend looking for last-minute gifting ideas, end your hunt here because this is all that she wants!

Can you be more expressive, please?

27-year-old Anushka says she would like a more expressive partnership. Men are pressured to be tough, and expressing emotions for them is feminine. “My relationship is in a space where my partner would talk to me openly on the chats, but the same communication was missing in person.” She adds, “If I really want a gift for Valentine’s Day for my already ‘perfect relationship’ (laughs), I would really want him to start expressing himself, trust in me, and know that it is okay to share your feelings and have a soft corner.”

How true is this! Dear men, no matter how tough society expects you to be, it is absolutely okay to have a soft corner and be vocal about your emotions. No, it’s not called being feminine, it’s just called being human.

Be a feminist

Personally, I would want my boyfriend to be a strong-opinionated feminist, that would be the best Valentine’s Day gift for me. More importantly, I would want a boyfriend who knows what feminism actually is.

Dump that male ego, man

19-year-old Samira says, “Women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as brittle as a man’s ego.” And isn’t that true? Samira continues to say, “I don’t want a damn gift, man. Just agree when you are wrong and apologise, without the drama of blaming me instead.”


Don’t we hate it when men confidently look into our eyes and still lie to us? 23-year-old Kajal says, “It absolutely sucks when my boyfriend would lie, and then call me out for not understanding why he lied. What’s the logic? And then he wouldn’t mind asking if it still bothers me. So please, this Valentine’s Day, instead of getting roses, chocolates and making promises to me, promise yourself that you would never lie to your partner ever again!”

I don’t want a damn gift, man. Just agree when you are wrong and apologise, without the drama of blaming me instead: Best Valentines Day Gift for women

Personal space

Oh, we all love our personal space, don’t we? It’s simply annoying when your partner forgets you have an individual identity and need your personal space. 23-year-old Yogita says, “What’s mine is mine and what’s his is his, we’re two different humans so let’s keep it that way, never want his business in mine or mine in his.” She adds that all she wants this Valentine’s Day from her partner is to never hide things from each other. “No matter how bad it is, they shouldn’t hide it from me. Also, I’d appreciate the old school way of letters where they are vocal about their feelings and express themselves without hesitation.”

Best Valentines Day Gift

What is the best Valentine’s day gift a man can give?

Respect and support

Don’t we all wish for partners who respect us, and support us? It’s okay if they don’t stuff us with great promises or fancy gifts, expensive dinner dates every now and then, but a simple supportive and respectful partner is all that will fill a woman’s heart. 22-years-old Ritika Awle, working in a casting company, opened up to SheThePeople, “To be honest, all my relationships ended because the person disrespected me, demotivated me, and was never really honest. I found that my partner would talk to other girls the same way he was talking to me and this built trust issues. For me, it’s okay we don’t communicate every day in our busy lives, but a partner who is honest, respects me, and supports me truly in all the aspects, and I know I can trust him, such a man will be a gift in himself.”

Instead of getting roses, chocolates and making promises to me, promise yourself that you would never lie to your partner ever again: Best Valentines Day gift

Awle confesses that these experiences have positively affected her life as she loves herself more now. “I enjoy my own company now and I don’t really feel to have someone now. Like it’s not a need or want anymore.”

Food, that’s it!

We all love eating and getting pampered with our favourite foods, without being judged or getting taunted for a little indulgence. “Food has never disappointed me and has always been loyal to me! I have always been very possessive about my food and I don’t like sharing it with anyone. Its my one true love” says 22-year-old Shivani Thapar. She continues, “Even on Valentine’s Day, I only want food! That’s all. I mean, eating a gallop of my favourite ice cream after burgers drooling with cheese, while he sits there and watches me hog it all, and still thinks I’m the most amazing person ever, it’s better than any fancy gift for me.” Totally relatable.

It seems that everyone wants the same thing in a relationship, irrespective of gender- Honesty, respect, and support. Is it too much to ask for? Or is it too much for men to offer?

Views expressed are the author’s own. Some names have been changed in the article on request for anonymity.