Women Entrepreneurship Can Uplift Society, So Support Them

Benefits Of Women Entrepreneurship
While women running their businesses is not something new as we are surrounded by myriad of women entrepreneurs, big or small, what may seem a hard truth is that women comprise just 13.76% of the total entrepreneurs in India. Even now when we see quite a jump in women’s empowerment and various opportunities slowly and steadily opening for women, why don’t we see an increase in women’s entrepreneurial percentages?

What may the case be, however we need to understand how important it is for society to have women in business space. Let us try and look at how women entrepreneurs are an asset to the society.

Women Entrepreneurship Can Be Beneficial

  • Women can be  job creators

Yes, by working on a business idea and expanding it further, women can be real game changers. We would see an overall increase in employment and a decrease in gender-discriminatory policies. We can look forward to women leaders managing, establishing, and expanding businesses just as efficiently as they have managed the homes till now. She can give employment to more people, specifically women. She can create a system which is inclusive of gender and cater needs of the women as well. This will bring prosperity to families, and over all in society. 

I believe that with women taking up higher positions we may see more women wanting to work as 1. They have a role model and that gives them more confidence 2. Safety concerns at the workplace can be managed. 

  • Women can transform society’s outlook

Women constantly switch roles in the household to make sure everyone else’s lives are sorted whether it’s cooking meals, taking care of the laundry, or just about anything else. However, if we decide to share the load with her she can most certainly use her potential and utilize her time in building business plans and crushing society’s general thinking of “log kya kahenge” to “log badhaiyan denge ”. Women would be challenging the old-school thinking of “business ladkiyon ki bas ki baat nahi hai” to creating more financial opportunities and solving problems by providing the population with necessary solutions. We would also observe a surge in products that truly meet a woman’s needs and that are not just your previously promoted stereotypical products.

  • More autonomy And Mobility

Of course, everyone likes more autonomy and financial stability. According to a study, around 80 percent of women, from semi-urban and rural India, feel a significant improvement in their socioeconomic and cultural status after starting an enterprise. With more financial stability we can see an increased number of self-reliant women and less oppression of women in society because they are now their own bosses.

  • Upbeat Confidence level

“The gender gap in self-promotion is not driven by a gender gap in confidence.” Through the survey they found that women consistently rated their performance on a test lower than men did — even though men and women had the same average score on the test, and even when women knew how they had done on the test. The confidence gap is real now is the time we reverse its effects; Establishing themselves from scratch will boost a woman’s confidence in herself and push her to endless limits. They will most likely be more competitive and this will ultimately benefit the market.

Now is the time we help women entrepreneurs by simply doing or with little share. Simply giving them these opportunities is not a viable strategy to boost women’s entrepreneurship. We need to make efforts to ease the current trajectory and encourage women to come up with plans.

Encouraging and acknowledging the existing female entrepreneur’s achievements can be the starting point. Believing in them by removing the stereotypical mindset is also imperative.

Next could be hearing their plans, giving inputs, and helping them develop their business models. We can extend this by making sure they get the required expertise in the form of workshops whether online or offline. Promote yourself by networking. Utilizing the digital market and the digital medium to the best of our use. Find sponsors through networking, and social events and set your plan into motion. Most importantly break through the spiral of self-doubt and give it your best shot.

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