Akshay Kumar Starrer ‘Bewafa’ Song Is Two Things: Sexist And Bizarre

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Akshay Kumar starrer Bachchhan Paandey’s new song Saare Bolo Bewafa released on Monday. It was one of the many disappointments that Bollywood has dished out for the audience recently.Kumar’s character crashes a wedding where he shames the bride for breaking his friend’s heart and marrying someone else. By the end of the music video, the bride leaves her groom and starts matching steps with Akshay Kumar and her former lover.

At its very core, the song is about shaming a woman for breaking a man’s heart. The characters in the film perform the song at a woman’s wedding, the woman seems to have broken their friend’s heart. She is seen sitting at the mandap with her groom while Kumar glares at her and tries to make her feel bad about whatever she did to Kumar’s friend. He is backed with his massive gang in this and Kriti Sanon’s character who is seen dancing joyfully with her camera.

Saare Bolo Bewafa Song In Bachchhan Paandey

What happens next is makes the audience drop their jaws and not in a positive way. The bride gets up from the mandap and feels so guilty about breaking Akshay Kumar’s friend’s heart that she starts dancing with full energy. Her waist is moving in directions, her lehenga’s dupatta comes off leaving her with a blouse and lehenga. Her hair is loose and she is dancing with Akshay Kumar and his friend. She leaves her groom and joins the guy who came to break her marriage. In which part of the universe can this bizarre incident come true?

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The song director first turns the woman sitting on the mandap into a villain and then makes her do an item number. It is somehow assumed that a woman can leave her groom at the mandap for her ex-boyfriend in the course of song. The song’s lyrics should also be noted, it’s hook line goes, “Saare bolo bewafa” everyone say cheater.

Watch the song here!

If the intent was to make a heartbreak anthem to unite all the jilted lovers, then it has failed miserably. The only emotion evoked by the song is cringe.

The film has actors such as Jacqueline Fernandez, Sanjay Mishra, Arshad Warsi and Pankaj Tripathi as part of the cast along with Kriti Sanon and Akshay Kumar. The film has been directed by Farhad Samji who also directed Housefull 4 and web series Baby Come Naa and Boo Sabki Phategi. The film will release in theatres on March 18.

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