Looking Like A Girl: Why Is It Used As An Insult?

Aayush Sharma Antim Makeover
You can be famous, successful, talented and kind at heart and yet people would find it fair to judge you by your physical appearance. Women with muscular bodies are made to feel insecure as many people come up to them say, ” You look like a man”. Similarly, men with skinny physiques and clean-shaven faces are shamed that they look like a girl.

In a gender-sensitised world, nobody would make such remarks and even if they do, the receiver of such comments would not take offense but let’s be fair, we have grown up in a society where men and women are supposed to look a certain way. And if they don’t they are made fun of.

Aayush Sharma Antim Makeover: Reinforcing the idea of masculinity

Actor Aayush Sharma, soon to be seen in Salman Khan starrer Antim, recently opened up about how a reporter while reviewing his film Loveyatri said, “He looks like a girl.” The actor made a note of that among other negative remarks for his acting and screen appearance and made it his phone’s wallpaper.

“I worked on all these factors that people thought were missing in me so that next time people don’t feel like this about me. At that point in time, I wrote all these down in a notepad, took a screenshot and made that my wallpaper. I need to change my appearance, dialogue delivery, next time I work on emotional scenes this is how it should be, what should be my screen presence, I worked on all these, ” he said during an interview.

Sharma turned the regressive remark in a way that motivated him to change his appearance. Improving your skills after receiving constructive criticism is one thing but should he have been forced to do the same thing about his body? Why is looking like a girl an insult to a man? A lot of it comes from how women are assumed to be weak and men who are even the slightest bit close to their feminine side are shamed for being weak. Women around the world have not left any stone unturned to prove that they are just as strong as men and when the need arises, they have even been able to defeat men in that area, so why are we still confusing femininity with weakness?

If being mistaken for a girl does not feel like a compliment to people, it definitely should not be taken as an insult. We must reject the idea that physical appearance has got anything to do with people’s gender.

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