3 Idiots to Krrish: 5 Worst Continuity Errors In Popular Bollywood Films

Worst Continuity Errors In Popular Bollywood Films, Rape Jokes In Bollywood Movies
Film-making is indeed one hell of a task. From thinking of the perfect character having a healthy blend of twists, perfections and complexities to directors scratching their heads over which actor is the most suitable fit for the role, there may be chances of overlooking the smallest details during the filmmaking process.

However, when it comes to Bollywood, the errors almost seem deliberate, inasmuch as, the Internet folk keeps finding new memes with every movie released. Here is a list of 10 Bollywood films with the worst continuity errors ever made in film history.

The lapse in the consistency of scenes and storylines is so apparent that even a toddler can identify those and laugh at them.

5 Worst Continuity Errors In Popular Bollywood Films


To find out that Preity Zinta was pregnant in the movie for two whole years would mean to question our own beliefs in science. A film about scientific innovations, talking about the future and even predicting the future for that matter, showcases a scientist who literally thought that he could spend two years in Singapore for his science project and return to his home after 2 years to find his home still pregnant with his child. The audience is curious to know how Hrithik Roshan bought himself into this storyline or was he hypnotised?

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3 idiots

When Kareena Kapoor’s on-screen fiance in 3 Idiots was getting ready for his wedding to Pia’s (Kareena Kapoor) utter disappointment because she could not unite with the love of her life, Rancho, she finds herself so guilty of letting go of Rancho and storms out of her wedding venue, on her wedding day, in front of guests. Not only this, she did not even know if Rancho, for whom she risked being judged by her noisy relatives, was married by then or had fallen in love with someone else, who was not her. 


Rani (Kangana) is supposed to take the train from Paris (France) to Amsterdam (Netherlands) Whereas, the movie features the train as a local cross-country runner who functions only within the Netherlands and cannot cross international borders.


At the opening of the song “Sadda Haq“, the newspaper snippets show the contentions around Jordan’s (Ranbir Kapoor’s character’s life), but, taking a closer look at it, it actually shows some news about SRK. They just took a newspaper and modified the headline for this scene. This other news clipping is in the same song chain. The news explanation on the left says, “The Government has accepted the resignation of industrialist Anand Mahindra as an independent director of the Air India Board.”

Now the following snippet is actually a news clip about Chhavi Rajawat, the Sarpanch of an Indian village named Soda. That piece was speaking about the expedition she had been through and her offering to society. (Discovered by a user from Quora)

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

The climax of the movie, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge happens in a station named ‘Apta’. But we would see the signboard in a few shots towards the end of the film. The complication is, that Apta is a station near Mumbai the story was about Punjab.

When Deepika Padukone starrer Gehraiyaan was released on OTT earlier this year, the film start to trend big time on social media. Ananya Panday, who played the role of Padukone’s cousin in the film was seen switching between different shapes of glasses with different contents from one scene to another while sitting on the same place. Netizens did not just take a note of the error, they made sure to turn the visible slip into a memefest.

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