25 Things In Indian Households That Make You Go WTF!

25 of the most interesting things found in the Indian Households like ghee dabba, tupperware boxes, plastic bags in plastic bags, etc make us go WTF because of them being of no use or too impractical.

Akshata Manvikar
Nov 29, 2021 16:57 IST
Things in indian households
If you have grown up in an Indian household, I bet you have seen some of these things and wondered, WTF. Somehow I have never seen these any where else - no other country. The funny part is that they do not make sense and sometimes when you see them you nod your head knowing, nothing will change :)

Here are few things from the Indian households that will make you go WTF! :

1. The small ghee dabba with a cute little spoon. All Indians love eating ghee with roti, rice, etc. The dabba in which it is put is very unique to Indian households and sometimes we fail to notice it altogether because it is so tiny. Ofter the ghee will be in another dabba, that of honey or pickle!

2. A collection of plastic boxes in which the momos had arrived. Because why not?! Indians love exchanging and storing food, what better way than food leftover boxes. One will surely find all sizes and colours of boxes in a desi household. You can probably shop boxes from an Indian house.


3. An open old storage cupboard. Wait, it is not even a cupboard. It does not have a name but every Indian house has it.  It makes it easy to access and look for things because it is open from all sides.

4. No matter how many sofas or wooden chairs one has in house, it will be incomplete without a plastic chair. A fun fact, if they are broken, they are immediately replaced with a new plastic chair as it is so essential for the house. Even in houses whose colour, design, and furniture would not go well with plastic chairs have one at least like WTF.

5. Have you ever thought about what happens to the Amazon boxes that come home? They are here in our homes for future use. If you are living in an Indian house you have to carefully open the box and keep it up or in the side somewhere for it can be useful but we don't know when or how.


6. The paint buckets are stored in desi homes having no utility which totally makes us go Wtf! This is one of the most useless items that can be found in a desi home. Sometimes it is used to fill water for other uses but that is a rare occasion. They should just be thrown away, what say?

7. There are two types of mixers – Mixer grinder and the other one which only Indians have. The normal one is used to make juices, smoothies, etc. But there is this big mixer grinder that mixes idli batter and other food items. I mean we get batter in stores now but every house still has it for their own reasons.

8. Don’t forget the bamboo baskets/Tokris that we all have seen in Indian houses. You must have thought WTF! What does one do with this? They use it at weddings or functions but other than that you can just use it to put fruits or flowers in them. But we have another container for these so the basket is just a show for the house which makes everyone think wtf is this basket for?


9. One surely cannot miss seeing the big lunar calendars hung on the walls. Correct me if I'm wrong, all Indian households for sure have this calendar that have dates marked or important notes and events written all over it.

10. Soap over soap. In some cases soap over soap over soap. So well illustrated by Yashi Drew That, that we used it as our featured image.

11. Indians recycle plastic by storing plastic bags inside plastic bags to easily find them and use them again and again.


12. Indian is known for its spices. There is no house that can survive without their dabba of masala.

13. There are so many types of utensils but once you are served in stainless steel you will know that you are in an Indian house.

14. No Indian house will let the toothpaste be thrown until it is used to the fullest. Wtf! Just buy a new one fast, it is a real struggle to squeeze the paste out just after waking up.


15. The old steel almirah makes so much noise when you open or close it.

16. Only Indian houses will have round cylindrical pillows. It does not allow you to sleep in it cause it's uncomfortable so you can only use it as back support or side support. Pretty sure, no other country has such pillows in their houses.

17. Garam khana is the most important concept in India. For this, the dabba to store hot rotis and sabzi becomes even more important. The hot case is essential and a must in every house table. Where else would you put the hot roti or food?


18. A compulsory item in every house is the hot utensil holder.

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19. A stash of pizza flavouring packets saved from the last delivery.

20. And if you ever get any pain in your body, there is one and only one solution – Zandu Balm. It is like a solution for all body pain problems. Sometimes, some people cannot sleep without applying it on their forehead.

21. The Indian houses have one drug that they are addicted to – The Glucon D for Instant Energy. Any time one is feeling weak, they are given glucon-d to energise them.

22. Have you ever gotten hit by a jhadu? Then no you do not live in an Indian house. Jhadu is important for cleaning the house before wiping and is used to clean the ceilings as well. And at times it's used by Indian parents to whack children.

23. There is a Balti and mug despite there being a hand-shower and top-shower with the addition of the stool. The stool, balti, and mug are the essentials of the bathroom irrespective of the facilities provided.

things normal in indian households, danish cookie box meme

24. Old clothes are the new poccha. One is bound to find the maid of an Indian household using t-shirt to wipe the floor. The old clothes instead of being thrown away are utilised for cleaning purposes.

25. The biggest WTF moment is expecting cookies in the box but finding needles and threats. It started with the blue Danish cookies boxed but now it has spread to all the other boxes. Beware!



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