10 Sexist Remarks College Girls Are Sick Of Hearing

We all are recovering sexists but are you truly trying to unlearn? Here are 10 sexist remarks college girls wished people would stop saying.

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Where to begin with the kind of sexist remarks college girls hear? From our friends, family, professors, or sometimes even our colleagues who don't hesitate to question our freedom and choices, there's a lot we're taught in our teens and early twenties that we can't do. These become toxic standards of living we carry through most of our lives. 


We all are recovering sexists as unlearning the sexist theories contoured in our heads from our childhood is a process. But the question is who faces the most of it? Being a college student, I know we and others girls of my age have to bear a large part of the brunt. 

The benevolent sexism we hear all life is much more intensified and out of people's so-called concern that tells us, "Hey, girls can't do that." Well, guess what? We can. All that and more that society limits us from doing, seeing, achieving, living. 

Here Are Some Sexist Remarks College Girls Wished You'd Stop Saying:

1. "Are You On Your Periods?"

The most annoying statement a girl could ever hear. This statement suggests that women are allowed to express their emotions and cravings only when they are menstruating. Really? Aren't we humans too or are we not supposed to speak out our feelings excessively?

Don't ask a girl expressing herself or craving a waffle if she's menstruating or not - because we are free to express ourselves irrespective of our periods and it's natural.


2."Don't Make The First Move"

I am sure that all the girls reading this are revisiting the times they didn't ask that one person out just because one of your friends stopped you from making the first move. Well, we are expected and nurtured to be shy and soft, which stops most of us from getting what we actually want.

But it's time to break the shackles of their expectations.

3. "Don't Act Bossy"

I laugh out loud for real whenever I come across this statement. It's 2021 and if you still think that only men are supposed to be authoritative, you should well educate yourself about the women leading offices and balancing a perfect life between their work and office.

All in all, women are much bolder and fuller than your brain cells.


4. "Good Girls Don't Get/Do ____"

Anything and everything your friends and family don't want you to do will insert in their "good girl theory," most of us get to hear good girls don't go for night-outs or they don't get tattoos and the list continues.

But no one's got the right to label you irrespective of your choices. All good girls dream bad and all bad girls dream well. Okay?

5. "You Got Marriage As Your Backup Option"

Women are often stereotyped as being a passenger of only one destination and that is marriage. Whenever we face problems in our education or career our family and friends consider &t=10s">marriage as the only saviour of our lives.

According to them if anything goes wrong we'll turn to marriage and give up on our career. But little do they know that we are independent enough to fulfill our dreams.


6. "What Is Keeping You Away From Dating?"

Never try to force a woman into having a relationship as per your timeline. Women wanting to be single or preferring hookups and casual dates are still considered to be taboo. Stop judging women for their choices.

7. "Don't Be The Feminist Type"

Thank your stars if you haven't used this statement in front of a feminist because she would've made you unlearn all your typical theories. A "feminist type" is someone fighting for equality, against all the groundless questions about the way she lives her life. 

8. "That's Not So Lady Like"

Society wants girls to fit in the boxes and labels dedicated by them. It's high time that people around you stop deciding and criticising your traits, don't let them control your life under any circumstance. Instead, let your soul guide your life.

9. "Smile... It Makes You Look Prettier"

A woman is not an object, no one is allowed to tell her how she should feel or if she should smile or not. It's not her job to smile all day just because you want her to look pretty all day. A woman needs to feel happy in order to be happy and that can only happen if you keep your opinions to yourself.

10. "Catcalling Is Just Good Fun"

Catcalling is a serious offence, none of your friends should consider it as a joke and you should never take it lightly. 

Views expressed are the author's own

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