What Are Fraysexuality And Frayromanticism?

Fraysexuality and frayromanticism are sexual and romantic orientations respectively that are not well known by the public and severely underrepresented in media.

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Fraysexuality is a sexual orientation that lies on the asexual spectrum. The term fraysexual describes people who only experience sexual attraction towards people they don’t know or don’t know very well. The attraction fades away after they get to know the person. According to the resource guide to asexuality Western Aces, fraysexuality is considered to be the opposite of demisexuality.


The romantic counterpart of fraysexual is frayromantic, which is when a person only experiences romantic attraction towards people they don’t know or don’t know very well. It is considered as the opposite of demiromantic.

Note: Demisexuality also falls under the spectrum of asexuality. A person who identifies as demisexual only experiences sexual attraction after they develop an emotional bond with another person. Demiromanticism falls under the spectrum of aromanticism. A demiromantic person experiences romantic attraction after they develop an emotional bond with another person.

Asexual Spectrum

Asexuality is a sexual orientation where people feel little to no sexual attraction towards anyone. Asexuality is underrepresented and not a lot of people know about it. A survey showed that 76 percent of the people surveyed could not accurately define asexuality. There are many kinds of asexuality including sex positive asexual, sex repulsed asexual, fraysexuality, and demisexuality.


Fraysexuality is not widely known and is commonly is frequently misunderstood. Asexuality and the asexual spectrum itself is shrouded with misconceptions, thus the nuances of asexuality and its many forms are also shrouded in mystery. Fraysexuality has no connection to a person’s romantic orientation or preferred relationship structure. Someone can be straight and fraysexual, someone can be gay and fraysexual, and someone can be aromantic and fraysexual. It is an aspect of sexual orientation not romantic orientation.


Fraysexual people have always existed. Over the years as people and society slowly became more open-minded, terms that describe the nuances the types of asexuality became more popular. Since fraysexuality is not known by most people, there is no representation of fraysexual characters in popular media.

Aromantic Spectrum

Aromanticism is a romantic orientation where people don’t feel any romantic attraction towards another person, regardless of gender. There are several types of aromanticism that lie on a spectrum including frayromanticism and demiromanticism.


Frayromanticism is the romantic counterpart of fraysexuality. Frayromantic individuals only feel attracted to people that they do not have an emotional bond with. After an emotional bond is made with the person, the romantic feelings fade away. Frayromanticism has no connection to a person’s sexual orientation and preferred relationship structure. Similarly to fraysexuality, there is no representation in popular media.

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