When I was born in the year 1971, people in India, back then still had the mindset that girls are born to increase the expenditure of their parents. They were still considered to be a liability till they got married. Today the world has changed. At least I think so. Money matters for Indian women is a real conversation.

There is no more a fear of the woman having to be dependent only on her father’s income or her husband’s income.

More and more women today are working in every field. They are earning well and are a big support to their family’s income. The old belief has been overtaken by the new belief “Daughter is a blessing”. And I hope this remains.

There is no more a fear of the woman having to be dependent only on her father’s income or her husband’s income. Women these days are doing just about everything from baking, cooking, tutoring, selling crafts online, other online businesses, blogging, etc and yet earning enough for themselves. They have the flexibility of their own earnings and the opportunity to work from home.

I feel proud and inspired to see women in every household doing something or the other. It not only enhances their creativity but increases their confidence and uplifts their soul. Women are investing into mutual funds, government schemes and even local kitties. Now this definitely is a booster for a lot of women.

Here are few suggestions that work for me:

  1. Think of money as financial wellness. It should be basic hygiene.
  2. Financial wellbeing needs our attention and it’s not something women should expect, but they deserve.
  3. Meet a financial planner and read up the basics so you are not ever taken for a ride by those who claim to know much more.
  4. Coaching is another good way to learn more about finance. If you have time or can find time, enrol in a simple course to get skills on money management.
  5. Another good starting point is to not fear finance. Befriend it.

I have always taught my helpers at home who are girls/women from the lower income group on how they should save their money and not only give all of it away to their husbands to waste in liquor. I have opened for them bank accounts in which they save a part of their money and use it only during emergency. In small but important ways we can move the needle and help others. It’s also an important conversation to have amongst friends.


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