Viral Video: Gujarat Woman’s Journey From A Singer To Food Stall Owner

Viral Video Gujarat Woman
Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers were forced to look for alternative career options to make ends meet, especially those artists whose income was gig-based. In the viral video, a Gujarat woman is seen sharing her journey from a singer to a food stall owner due to financial struggles she faced because of the pandemic.

In the viral video uploaded by food blogger Karan Thakkar, the young woman who’s known as Frankie Woman is seen preparing the street food at her stall opposite Saint Ann’s School, Jamnagar. She narrates her story in the video while she continues to juggle between cutting vegetables and cooking. “By profession, I am a singer; due to the pandemic, I lost my job and needed something to sustain. Since there were not many stalls in Jamnagar serving Frankie, I started my food stall,” she says with a smile on her face.

Viral Video Gujarat Woman’s Journey From Singer To Food Stall Owner

Meanwhile, the Instagram user briefly spoke about her in the caption. They wrote, “She is a singer by profession but after restrictions on social gatherings, she was not able to earn for survival. She never wanted to become helpless and she started a food stall. She is running it successfully and is known as “Frankie Woman” also she is inspiring others not to lose hope even in difficult situations.”

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Towards the end of the video, Karan is seen requesting her to sing a song and the young woman happily obliges.

The video which was uploaded on March 8 has since then garnered over 200k views with many netizens leaving positive responses for the Frankie woman. While some praised her determination, some were mesmerized by her singing. Another user who has visited her stall left a comment saying that her food is as good as her singing, meanwhile, many were asking

Similarly, a video by food blogger Gaurav Wasan, featuring a woman running a food stall to support her daughter’s education went viral. A Hindustan Times report stated that Neha Sharma, the lady running the paratha stall in Punjab’s Jalandhar, is a single mother and has been managing the stall to support her daughter.