Single Mother Pooja Dasgupta Shares How She Stays Strong For Her Son

Pooja Dasgupta
Pooja Dasgupta, a single mother spoke to SheThePeople about her journey and how she makes the impossible possible for her son Rio. Here’s her story:

I separated from my husband in 2021; Our son Rio was only a month old. During that time the second COVID wave in India was at its peak and my entire family had tested positive. Rio is very attached to my parents since day one; they were inseparable. When they got hospitalised he was very disturbed-he stopped eating and cried all the time.

Meanwhile, I was juggling work and my responsibilities as a single mother. My marriage didn’t end well, the emotional turmoil haunted me. At times I would break down and the next moment hold myself together. But I had to be strong for him.

The first few months seemed very challenging but with each passing experience, I learnt a little more.
There have been several instances when I attended virtual office meetings from my bathroom so that he could have a sound sleep.

Rio fell sick for the first time when he was only 6 months old, in the beginning I couldn’t make out what was wrong with him. He was very agitated & wouldn’t stop crying. I had to call my mother over at 1am in the night so that I could comfort him.

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It was not easy but with the help of my parents and supportive colleagues, I pulled it through.
A single mother’s struggle is real. We also make mistakes and at times we are really clueless. But then that’s what motherhood is all about- making the impossible possible. Slowly the bonding grew, my pain brought me closer to him. I planned a routine-woke up early to spend more time with him.

After work we would play or watch cartoons together. I even introduced him to music and played the ukulele to him. I even tried some hacks by placing his milk bottle in such a way that no one had to hold it for him while he drank.
It’s been almost a year since my separation, Rio has learnt to hold his own bottle and drink from it, he is even enjoying his music lessons with me.

Life has never been so fulfilling. Every sleepless night seems to be worth it when I wake up to Rio’s beautiful smile. I have healed in ways that I could never imagine. I always say-’When the going gets tough, never give up.’ I still have a family, but now my family is just the two of us & it’s perfect.

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