Be As Good As You Can. Five Powerful Indra Nooyi Quotes To Inspire The Leader in Us

Indra Nooyi has always inspired us with our words. Here's looking at some of her popular quotes.

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Be As Good As You Can. Five Powerful Indra Nooyi Quotes To Inspire The Leader in Us

Indra Nooyi quotes: Indra Nooyi is known for her persistence and self-belief. This not only makes her the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, PepsiCo, but also a powerful businesswoman. Nooyi is someone who keeps her values and principles before everything else. She is respected and admired by the corporate and business world for her leadership as well as for her dedication and commitment towards her work. Her success, starting from Chennai to IIM Kolkata, gradually moving to Yale, and finally to being the head of a multinational corporation is nothing but inspiring.

Nooyi's words have always taught us to keep up our spirits and never lose hope. She wants women to dream and break the glass ceiling. The Padma Bhushan awardee didn't allow negativity to take the better of her. This is what she conveys to other women in all her interviews and speeches. Here, we look at some of powerful and inspiring Indra Nooyi quotes.

Five inspiring Indra Nooyi quotes for all women

1. On getting married

Indra Nooyi knew that marriage was not her calling at an early age. The cherry on the cake was that her elder sister refused to get married at all. So Nooyi got ample time to focus on her dreams.

Inspiring Indra Nooyi quotes Indra Nooyi on marriage.

2. On 'biological clock'


The 'biological clock' can wait. Maintaining the 'carrer clock' is more important. Nooyi just reminded this to us with her words.

Powerful Indra Nooyi quotes Indra Nooyi on the 'biological clock'

3. On taking a stand

The CEO of PepsiCo wants women to take a stand for themselves and be known for their confidence. Indeed, it is important.

Indra Nooyi quotes to inspire Indra Nooyi on taking a stand.

4. On being successful


Success isn't easy to get. We need to overcome several hurdles on the way. Nooyi inspires us to have the strength to deal with all the difficulties that come on our way.

Indra Nooyi quotes that will inspire you Indra Nooyi on success

5. On being honest

Nooyi is always honest about her opinions. She knows when it is the correct time to walk out of conflicts.

Indra Nooyi quotes for you


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