Our bodies Can Change…But Our Indomitable Spirit Need Not, Kajal Aggarwal Pens Inspirational Note On Postpartum

Kajal Aggarwal Inspirational Note
Women’s body changes post-partum are not hidden. It does impact daily routine and activities of life. Many times women also tend to feel negative about their bodies. But this could change If women continue to do what they love with all their passion and push themselves harder. Actor Kajal Aggarwal through her social media shares a similar message.

Speaking on body positivity and her postpartum experience Kajal Aggarwal Stated, “Our bodies can change/ may change/ will change but our indomitable spirit and burning passion, need not. We’ve got to just keep showing up for ourselves and consistently making each day count. It’s all about what we choose to priorities to focus on and not feel guilty about our choices.”

Isn’t it right, motherhood doesn’t mean an end to the career, or that choosing a career means neglecting the child. There is no need to feel guilty for wanting it all. Working days may get long, but passion, a positive spirit, and setting priorities can make it all right and easy.

Kajal Aggarwal Inspirational Note

Aggarwal shared glimpses from her work day. She writes, “Eager and excited, I jumped back into work 4 months post-partum! Little did I realise that it would feel like starting from scratch. My body wasn’t the same as how it used to be. Pre-baby, I could endure very long workdays with taxing amounts of physical activity and then hit the gym.”

Post-baby, it’s been hard to get back my energy levels. Mounting a horse, let alone riding it seemed like a huge task! My body protested with the martial arts training that came so easily to me earlier. I’m so glad I’ve jumped back into the drill with you. Stoked to learn new skills on the job and pursue them as hobbies after. So fortunate to be a part of this industry I call home! Grateful for the opportunities to constantly learn and become an upgraded version of myself,” added Aggarwal.

Aggarwal’s words are inspirational and affirming, especially for women who are struggling with life post-baby. Rihanna also recently made statements about body positivity through her appearances. Three months after giving birth Rihanna is re-emerging into the public eye endorsing body positivity and postpartum work-life.

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