Mumpower: These 5 Single Moms Battles Against Extreme Hardships And Emerged Victorious

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Her husband was abducted by terrorists. She had to pick up life and run with it for the sake of her kids and herself. Binita Jain who went on to win one crore rupees in the popular tv show Kaun Banega Crorepati, is among many everyday single women who shine despite all odds. These inspiring single mothers remind us that life isn’t very easy but there’s a lot to look forward to. In this list below, find women whose stories are now viral on social media.

Five inspiring single mothers from stories that went viral

1. Anie Siva

A native of Kanjiramkulam in Thiruvananthapuram district, Anie Siva went against her parents and married in the first year of her college. Two years after her marriage, she separated from her husband. Her parents refused to accept her, so she took refuge at her grandmother’s place. She tried a series of odd jobs including selling insurance policies at banks and becoming a door-to-door salesperson. Siva even ran a lemonade stand at Varkala town to provide for her son.

Later, a relative encouraged her to apply for the post of a police officer and loaned her the money for the examination. She cracked the police examination and became a civil police officer in 2016. 3 years later, she cleared the sub-inspector’s examination and after a 18-month training course, she took charge as a probationary sub-inspector at the Varkala police station on Saturday, June 26, 2021.

Taking to Facebook she wrote, “Ten years ago, I sold lemonade and ice cream to people coming for the Varkala Sivagiri pilgrimage. Today, I return to the same place as a sub-inspector of police. How better can I take revenge on my past?”

2. Sujata Mohite

In  2019, Sujata Mohite, a single mother approached St. Lawrence school in Mumbai seeking admission for her 10-year-old son. The principal of the school denied granting admission saying that it is not possible for the school to handle children of single parents. Mohite recorded her conversation with the principal and mailed it to the school management. She also lodged a complaint to the Navi Mumbai education department. The education department reprimanded the school authorities and the principal finally agreed to grant admission to the child. Read more here.

3. Lakyntiew Syiemlie

At the age of 50, Lakyntiew Syiemlie of Meghalaya cleared her class XII examination in July 2020. This happened 32 years after she dropped out of school because of her weakness in Mathematics. Syiemlie got married at the age of 21 but it did not last. As a single mother, she supported her family by teaching her children at a local school in her village.

To appear in the class XII exams, she sought a special gap year from the school authorities and utilised the time to attend classes at the Balawan College in Umsning. Though she secured a third division, her children were very happy with her result. Lakyntiew is a member of a Self Help Group (SHG) in her village ans was also the Master Book Keeper (MBK) of the Village Organisation.

4. Binita Jain

Binita Jain won Rs. 1 crore in season 10 of the popular quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati last year. She had to undergo several ups and downs in her life after her husband was abducted by terrorists. In an exclusive interview with SheThePeople, Jain, who is the senior coordinator in a school, opened up about her struggles as a single mother and how life changed for her after her KBC win.

She said that as a single mother, her only aim is to see her children settle down well. Her son is an orthodontist and she dreamt of making a clinic for him with all the facilities with maximum part of her prize money. Read the full interview here.

5. Sarita Kashyap

Sarita Kashyap, a single mother was a successful saleswoman in an automobile industry for 19 years. But in Jan 2019, she quit her job and started a makeshift stall in West Delhi to sell Rajma rice to the hungry, needy and the homeless. However, for all those who can afford to pay, her lip smacking delicacy costs only Rs. 40 for a half plate and Rs. 60 for a full plate. Kashyap runs the stall for three to four hours till the last hungry stomach has been filled.


According to a UN report, 4.5 per cent of all Indian households are run by single mothers. They are the mothers who decided to raise their children as strong, independent and resilient. This article hails all such inspiring single mothers who refused to give up despite all hardships.