First Women : Who Is Frances Allen, Named Vice-Chief Of Canadian Defence Staff?

Lt. General Francis Allen has had a celebrated military career and will take up the onus which no other woman has done before.

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Frances Allen
Frances Allen: The Canadian military representative in NATO will become the first woman Vice-Chief Of Defence Staff.

Lt. General Frances Allen has been promoted to the rank of Vice-Chief of the Canadian defence staff (VCDS), replacing Lt. General Mike Rouleau and becoming the first woman who will hold the position. The Department of National Defence announced the news on Tuesday morning.

Mike Rouleau was named to the role back in July 15, 2020 and has previously served as commander of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command as well as the Canadian Joint Operations Command. He will now take up the role of strategic advisor to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Here are a few things to know about the first women Vice Chief of the Defence Staff of Canada:
  1. Frances Allen began her career with the Canadian Armed Forces in 1983.
  2. Since then, she has commanded at multiple levels all throughout including Officer Commanding the National Systems Management Centre in Ottawa, at the Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron in Trenton, the Canadian Forces Network Operations Centre, and the Canadian Forces Information Operations Group.
  3. She has been serving as Canada’s military representative to NATO military council in Brussels, Belgium, since July 2020.
  4. Frances held numerous leadership roles including as deputy Vice Chief of the Defence Staff and as the Director General of the military’s cyberspace division.
  5. She graduated from Queen's University, Ontario, in 1987 with an Honours Degree in Statistics.
  6. Furthermore, she holds multiple degrees from a number of prestigious institutions such as the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College and Canadian Forces College National Security Program.
  7. Another degree she holds is Masters' Degree in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College.
  8. Frances was awarded the Commander of the Order of Military Merit, the second highest military honour administered by the Governor in Council, on behalf of the Canadian monarch.
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