This Saas-Bahu Duo Encourages Each Other To Reach Their Goals: How They Make It Work

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Empowering mother-in-law stories are not always easy to come by. Or so the stereotype goes. In a country fed on a daily soap diet of televised saas-bahu conflicts, the general perception about this particular relationship is bound to be negative and largely, ill-informed. It has led an entire population to wonder – can a woman and her mother-in-law stay under one roof as friends?

Though there are sour tales one hears by word-of-mouth, social media is platforming a world of first-hand accounts of saas-bahu relationships that can be held up as ready examples of women supporting women. One such story shared on LinkedIn is earning massive appreciation from audiences for the goals it sets.

“My mother-in-law is one of my best accountability buddies,” user Ankita Sharma writes. “…we encourage each other to crush our goals and sometimes become each other’s personal butt-kickers to ensure we’re moving in the right direction.

Such candour in Indian saas-bahu relationships is rare. But could it possibly hold the key to finding friendship between two women linked to each other by a thread of marital bond?

Can A Saas And Bahu Be Friends? This Empowering Mother-In-Law Proves It’s Possible

Sharma’s profile states she is presently the editor at Human Capital Magazine, and has previously worked in human resource roles. Alongside a photo of the duo, she further shares how her personal development continued to be pushed by her mother-in-law since the first year of marriage.

“I remember preparing for a high-stakes presentation,” Sharma writes in the post that has garnered over 7000 likes. Seeing her practice, her mother-in-law approached her and encouraged her to “speak out loud” and prepare with confidence.

“While she couldn’t comprehend much of the technical stuff I talked about, she said she loved my confidence and that I would ace this presentation.” For subsequent office presentations, Sharma says her mother-in-law even helped her pick outfits so she could look her “professional best.”

When Women Bring Up Other Women…

“One day, I casually mentioned to her that I wanted to do an analytics course. Although she couldn’t remember the name of the course, she was after me for over a month, asking me if I had enrolled for it – until I did.”

Even when Sharma and her husband moved to another country, her mother-in-law regularly checked up on how far along she was on her goals, living up to her status as an accountability buddy and making sure there is no slacking off.

“So beautiful 🌻Women as women’s allies,” one LinkedIn user commented on Sharma’s post. “Such a heart-warming M-I-L and D-I-L story in a country and culture where this is usually a, sort of, ‘cursed’ relationship,” another wrote. “You are blessed to have a guiding Angel as mother-in-love as against a mother-in-law!!” said another.

Image: Ankita Sharma, LinkedIn 

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