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Understanding Women’s Reportage

Women Writers Fests across India are gatherings of sheer talent in fields of writing and journalism. Talking with them give us insights into all that is occupying their mind, their view points and their books. I spoke to

Anjali Shetty is an Assistant Editor at the Hindustan Times, Tanushree Podder who is the author of “Boots Belts Berets” and Sucharita Dutta-Asane, a site for book lovers.


Why Women Writers Fest Is An Important Platform

“What I found interesting about these fests is there are so many women together.  So many intelligent topics that we can have together, its intriguing. And you get to know so much about the author beyond what she writes in her book”

Tanushree Podder, says “Personally I think women authors are given a raw deal in the literary world because we are always sorted of branded into certain specific genre. Or we don't get enough exposure. If you see the kind of prices that are given to women writers are also negligible compared to the male counterparts.”

Sucharita Dutta, thinks that women writers are not taken seriously. According to her these fests are a way to make women prominent in the writer community. And that's a ground breaking initiative.

What are your favourite books and authors?

Sidney Sheldon and Nicholas Sparks are Anjali’s favourite authors. Tanushree Podder loves PG Wodehouse, her favourite character from the novel being Jeeves. She also likes Ayn Rand and Agatha Christie. Sucharita Dutta loves reading Joseph Conrad and Russian authors like Tolstoy. Among Indian authors Mahasweta Devi’s works are Dutta’s favourite.


What are your tips to aspiring Writers/Journalists?

Anjali: Command over writing and having a good vocabulary is very important in both fields- writing and journalism.

Tanushree: The need to read.

Sucharita: Please be open to feedback so get your work edited professionally and please be very very open to criticism.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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