Global Female Entrepreneurship: 5 Things You Must Know

We are witness to a wave of female entrepreneurship sweeping the world. More and more women are recognising their talent, making use of technology and turning into entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is empowering women in different aspects of life.

Read on to know 5 important facts of global female entrepreneurship:

  • In the last 10 years, the number of women in the global workforce has increased by 250 million. The trend is only rising.
  • Compared to just a quarter century ago, more women have access to higher education and capital, giving them greater opportunities to leverage their innovative ideas into businesses. Researchers find that supporting female entrepreneurs boosts the country’s markets by 12% GDP.

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  • In 2012, there was an estimated 126 million women starting their businesses. In the US alone, women are starting 1,200 businesses a day. They are employing nearly 8 million people generating 1.4 trillion dollars in sale.
  • These strong women are building a framework for young women to enter the workforce with fewer obstacles in the future. But our work isn’t done yet. Women in developed nations are less likely to start businesses compared to men and even less likely in countries with limited opportunities for female entrepreneurs.

    When women entrepreneurs are supported, economies grow

  • For success in the entrepreneurial space, women need more female mentors, the same access to capital as men, change in perception that entrepreneurship is not only a masculine activity. On top of it, women are often caught between household expectations and the expectations of the workplace. Despite this, women entrepreneurs are breaking barriers and benefiting themselves, their families and their home countries.

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