The New Pollution Migrants: Choosing Health Over City Life

pollution migrants

Over the past few years, many folks have decided to move out of the cities to smaller towns and places where they can breathe a purer air. This reverse migration, from city to small town or rural, triggered purely by pollution and health issues, or pollution migration as some call it, is a decision that is not taken easily.

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Someday, I Will Get To Know The Father Who Left Me Too Soon

“There is always hope against hope, that someday the doorbell will ring, and standing outside, older, diminished but with that same twinkle in his eyes, that same lopsided grin, will be my father, ready to catch up on what I’ve been doing with my days, my weeks, my months, my years, while he’s been gone,” writes author Kiran Manral.

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Noise Pollution Is More Than A Minor Inconvenience

noise pollution

The constant cacophony of traffic sounds, loudspeakers, airplanes, trains, industrial sounds, etc are what we take as part and parcel of what it means to be living in an urban space. What we often don’t realize is that noise pollution is more than just a little noise, a little inconvenience. And that it can also be quite damaging.

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Are We Looking For Hope Through A Nationalistic Lens?

“Somewhere between Atishi and Pragya is where the Indian electorate lies, and the message couldn’t have been starker. The divide in the perception of what the electorate wants and what the electorate will actually vote for is now clear,” write Kiran Manral in this week’s The Married Feminist.

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