Who Is Mira Murati? Ex-CTO Replacing Sam Altman As Interim CEO Of OpenAI

Meet Mira Murati, a 34-year-old engineer, ex-CTO, and current interim CEO of OpenAI. Read more to learn about the sudden leadership change at OpenAI as Mira Murati takes charge after the sudden dismissal of Sam Altman from the position.

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07 Oct 2023 Updated On Nov 20, 2023 11:16 IST
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Mira Murati. Image Credits: Fortune.

We have all heard of ChatGPT, OpenAI, and the revolution it brought to the content industry and several other fields. But behind this is one name, one woman, Mira Murati. Mira Murati is not a household name, but the product she oversees—ChatGPT—is fast becoming one.


The 34-year-old CTO, who headed the development projects for the company and left a distinguished mark by innovation and expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, has overnight turned into a new interim CEO of the company after the dramatic ouster of the last CEO, Sam Altman.

Mira Murati: New Interim CEO Of OpenAI:

On Friday, Mira Murati was appointed as the new interim Chief Executive Officer of OpenAI creator of ChatGPT, in the same announcement of the sudden dismissal of Sam Altman from the position. The OpenAI board clarified their reason for pushing out Sam Altman, as he failed to be consistently candid in maintaining conversations with the board members. 

The board members in the announcement said they no longer held confidence in Altman as they felt betrayed and had left no faith in him to hold the capabilities for leading OpenAI any longer. 

What Mira Murati Told Staff Of OpenAI on Replacing Sam Altman?

As Murati expressed her gratitude for stepping into the leadership role in the company, she also acknowledged the staff who were disturbed by the sudden exit of their boss Altman.


According to a memo Murati sent for the staff that was reviewed by Bloomberg, It's more important than ever that we stay focused, driven, and true to our core values." she wrote in the note for the employees. 

Murati did not mention Altman by name in the memo, but she also wrote, "OpenAI is at a crucial juncture where our tools are being widely adopted, developers are actively building on our platforms, and policymakers are deliberating on the best ways to regulate these systems. This is welcome progress and an opportunity to participate in a future where AI is built and used for good."

Mira Murati On Deepfakes Sparking Concerns In India:

A series of deep fake videos of prominent Bollywood actors Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, and Kajol have sparked outrage and concern on social media in India and many notable figures from Amitabh Bachchan to PM Narendra Modi have expressed their concerns. 

As GOI issued an advisory for social media last week, the woman behind making artificial intelligence tools accessible to the general public, Mira Murati acknowledged the concerns and addressed them in a talk show with comedian Trevor Noah. 

Dall-E which is also an AI product by OpenAI that generates images from text has been behind the deep fake videos, Murati said that the company is taking necessary measures to alter their data that would prevent the creation of morphed media using their technologies. 


Murati said "We do want people to understand what AI is capable of. But right now, we don't feel very comfortable around the mitigation of misinformation, and so we do have certain guardrails."

Murati also talked about how they will eliminate certain data that will prevent image generation of public figures which would be the first step and how they will then try applying some filters to certain prompts that will prevent the generation of things that contain violence or hate. 

Who Is Mira Murati?

Murati, who is of Albanian heritage, was born and brought up in San Francisco, despite her parents being high school educators from Vlore.

According to Analytics India Magazine, Murati pursued her Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College and then went on to work as a summer analyst intern at Goldman Sachs.

Soon after, Murati started working as an advanced concepts engineer at the French aerospace company 'Zodiac Aerospace.' Later, she was appointed as a senior product manager at Tesla, where she worked on the 'Model X' vehicle. Murati's blend of experience in both the business and engineering domains had evidently proven to be highly valuable.


Murati's career journey reflects a dynamic fusion of academic excellence, financial acumen, and engineering prowess. Her multifaceted background in business and technology has proven to be instrumental in her impactful career.

Growth In Mira Murati's Career

Following her stint with Tesla, Murati served as the Vice President of Product and Engineering at Leap Motion for a period of two years. At the start of her role with Leap Motion, the company introduced innovative software tailored for hand-tracking in the realm of virtual reality (VR).

Leap Motion is a company specializing in software and hardware, producing controllers that allow users to interact with digital objects through hand gestures when connected to a PC or Mac. 

Beginning Of A Revolution

In 2018, Murati assumed the role of Vice President for Applied AI and Partnerships at OpenAI. At that juncture, OpenAI was already intensifying its research efforts and incurring more substantial expenses than it could manage in the long run. In 2019, OpenAI underwent a transformation, shifting from a non-profit organization to a profit-oriented entity, albeit with certain limitations.

Subsequently, Murati progressed within the company, ascending to the position of Senior Vice President of Product and Partnerships, and eventually, she took on the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) approximately ten months ago. During her tenure as CTO, OpenAI introduced some of its most noteworthy AI innovations, including DALL.E 2 and ChatGPT, which garnered considerable attention from the public.

Murati holds the belief that artificial intelligence possesses the potential to bring about significant beneficial changes in people's lives, spanning intricate domains such as climate change and healthcare. She has recently taken on a role on the board of directors at Unlearn.AI, a startup dedicated to advancing machine learning techniques aimed at diagnosing diseases and expediting their treatment.

Murati Talks About ChatGPT

Speaking about the development in the field of artificial intelligence and the software ChatGPT, according to CNBC, Murati said, "Back in 2019, GPT-3 made its debut, marking the first instance where AI systems demonstrated a degree of language comprehension. Prior to that, the notion of AI systems achieving such a level of language understanding seemed quite improbable."

Explaining how AI and chatbots are taking over the learning and educational landscape, Murati accepted that the ongoing evolution of AI technology is transforming the way Americans acquire knowledge and engage in work, a transformation accompanied by both risks and opportunities.

"We may need to rethink our educational approaches. AI has the capacity to act as a personalized tutor, adapting the learning process to suit the individual's specific cognitive preferences and comprehension of the subject matter."

Apparently, in her interview with CNBC, Murati spoke about the loss of employment that will follow the ChatGPT revolution. The CTO said that she anticipates that while some job opportunities will emerge, a substantial number of careers will likely be displaced.

She said, "We must ready ourselves for this forthcoming societal shift. Our working lives may change fundamentally, including the prospect of reduced working hours or even a complete overhaul of the traditional workweek."

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges and opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, Murati's journey is an inspiration for aspiring technologists and AI enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the impact that one individual can have on the future of technology.

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