Who Is Zara Larsson? 10 Things To Know About The Poster Girl Singer

Zara Larsson
Zara Larsson: The Swedish singer and songwriter Zara Larsson featured on MTV’s Fresh Out live performance series, as the young singer performed her latest release Poster Girl.

The track is part of her third studio album which goes by the same name. The singer mentioned that she sees the album Poster Girl as a “collection of really good pop songs” while speaking about the recent album.

“Most of them just happen to be about the emotions you would feel when you break up with someone or you meet someone new. And that’s because those are the things that I find most interesting in life,” she said.

Here’s what we know about the singer Zara Larsson:

  • Larsson achieved national fame in Sweden at the age of 10, after she won the talent show Talang in 2008. The reality tv show is the Swedish version of the Got Talent.
  • Four years after the accomplishment, she signed with the record label TEN Music Group and subsequently made her debut as a singer.
  • From an early age, Larsson impersonated popular singers and aspired to become a legend like Elvis Presley. 
  • The singer considers Beyoncé as the biggest influence in her musical career.
  • The 23-year-old shared the stage with American singer John Legend when they performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2017.
  • In 2018, the young singer was named in Forbes well-known annual list of 30 Under 30 in Europe in the entertainment category.
  • The Swedish songwriter is currently leading a new campaign from Durex and AIDS organization (RED) promoting sexual health awareness. She is associated with the organization which raises money for AIDS treatment in South Africa.
  • Larsson went on to publicly declare that she had a diaper for seven years, in an attempt to raise awareness about incontinence- loss of bladder control.
  • The singer has often been accused of misandry for her feminist opinions, including being called a “man-hater”. 
  • Her association with the Chinese technology company Huawei was heavily criticised by experts on human rights in the brand’s homeland and abroad.