All About Candice Murley Marystown, The TikTok Star Who Died “Unexpectedly”

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Who was Candice Murley Marystown? The unexpected death of TikTok star and influencer Candice Murley Marystown has shocked both her family and her fans. While the cause of Marystown’s death remains unknown, many have pointed out that the last video shared by her reportedly was a lip-sync to ‘I hate it when the voices in my head go silent because then I don’t know what those fuckers are up to.’

The death of the 36-year-old star was announced by her sister, Marsha McEvoy. She passed away on January 2, Sunday, following which, McEvoy created a GoFundMe page to raise the money for her funeral. It was set to collect $15,000, fans managed to raise over $17,000.

Marystown’s death has shocked the TikTok community which has been dealt such unexpected blows numerous times in the past year. the suddenness of her passing caught many of her fans offguard.

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One user wrote, “I cannot believe this is true. My heart is breaking right now. I asked people to back off with the bullying.”

Who Was Candice Murley Marystown?

Marystown had a following of more than 42,000 on TikTok. The 36-year-old was survived by her husband, Dave and a son.

Her sister McEvoy in a statement on the website, GoFundMe explained that her death came as a shock to the family and also stated that the family were not “financially prepared” to deal with the funeral. Thus the sister created the page to raise money.

“We have received some news no one want’s to hear. Tonight we lost a huge part of our family, my sister Candice,” wrote McEvoy. According to her, Candice had a follower base like no one else. She also wrote that her sister was “so full of life and always lived life her own way.”

McEvoy is certain that her sister must be dancing in the sky and said that the entire family knows how much she believed in heaven. While recounting her sister’s joyous nature, she asked her fans to look back at her videos and keep them as keepsakes to smile while dealing with the loss. “She will be missed terribly by many,” McEvoy said.