Who is Tulsee Doshi? The Indian American Woman Ensuring Google’s AI Has No Bias

Tulsee Doshi
Who is Tulsee Doshi? Tulsee Doshi is the woman behind Google’s  Machine Learning Fairness and Responsible AI team. This means she is part of the team which ensures that every time you use your smartphone you feel it is made for you whatever be your identity. She was recently named as part of Forbes’ ’30 Under 30 List’ in Science, Consumer Technology for 2022.

Here is everything you should know about the Indian-American woman behind Google’s head of product for Responsible AI & ML Fairness:

–  Doshi pursued a Bachelor of Science in Symbolic Systems and Master of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University.

–  Currently, she is the Head of Product at Google creating responsible AI and human-centered technology for them. Before joining Google, she studied AI at Stanford.

– In a recent interview she elaborated her work as “My work includes making sure everyone has positive experiences with our products, and that people don’t feel excluded or stereotyped, especially based on their identities.”

–  She had spearheaded the launch of more than 30 AI-based products that made companies safer and inclusive during her time at Stanford University.

– She was an intern at Apple, in the Product & Operations teams where she utilised machine learning to research the improved store features. She worked with the team to develop a strategy for recommendations and search features.

– Doshi leads an internal organisation that was established by her with VP Marian Croack, the Vice President of Engineering at Google, which consists of more than 100 AI researchers and engineers.

– Doshi has worked for YouTube as well on improve their efforts in inclusive machine learning while ensuring that there is diversity in the app’s recommendations.

– She has led over two dozen critical launches in Google products and is also a partner with the policy, governance, and engineering teams.

– Doshi is responsible for the Search features that provide us with more locally relevant answers around the world.

–  Doshi is recognised in Forbes 30 under 30 list 2022 for Consumer Technology. 

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